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The Beginning Of My Love Story

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2 years of happily lived arranged marriage..

Caring handsome rich husband..Isn't that every girl had dreamt of. Well I was lucky enough for having this for two years.

Until my every dream was shattered by my one and only "caring handsome rich husband" MR. DANIEL ASHER KHALID , Temporary owner of Khalid Industries . You will be thinking why temporary . Well you know every thing in the rich family will be owned by the Eldest Son. But in this Khalid family eldest son "MR. ZAIN ASHER KHALID" [as in badboy of his age] didn't had any interest in running his father's buisness, he was rather interested in..wait why I am telling you will be surprise ;). So the father is waiting for his son to take over the buisness so until then my dear husband is the CEO. 


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Story about: heartbreak, second love, betryal

Edited: 06.10.2020

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