The Betrayal - Book 1

Prologue: 1996, Unknown Lands

"Please, please stop. She's gone through alot already! She is just a baby! Don't kill her please." She yelled in rage, fury running in her veins. "She has to be killed. She's caused a lot of trouble to me." He said in an unnaturally calm tone. He knew he was going to kill an innocent baby but didn't stop as she was the reason for his burnt left leg and whatnot! As he was taking the baby towards a pack of wolves for his child to be their food, for a moment a bright light shined in the forest and in the next, the child was gone.


#705 in Young adult
#1988 in Fantasy
#150 in Action fantasy

Story about: action, adventure paranormal mystery

Edited: 04.11.2020

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