The Billionaire Alpha's Prized Possession


Eyes with the color of bloodlust. Hairs as black as the moonless night. Body as magnificent as the king of the forest.

His appearance is way too intimidating. Even though I am also an Alpha, I still find myself inferior in every way.

But it is typical though for him to radiate such a majestic presence. After all, his kind is rare, barely making up zero points zero one percent of the wolf population. Yet, the small number does not determine the power. Even with a hundred of us Alphas going up against him in battle, we will never defeat him. 

I have only heard rumors. Never once have I seen with my own eyes. But now I do. 

The irises in the red color, looking like they are lusting for blood, yet succumb by white pupils that are as white as snow. He is the top pyramid of our wolf kingdom. 

The King of the Alphas. 

My body is shaking like autumn leaves the more he stares at me. It is an instinct for us, general-class Alphas, to fear the king. But what causes fear running deep inside me was the sight of crimson smear around his mouth that glistened under the moonbeam. Lying next to his feet is none other than the Alpha of our pack, panting and soaking in what I assume to be blood. It is not hard to tell now what causes the stain on the Alpha King's mouth.


"R… u… n.., Lowe." The Alpha on the ground gathers his strength to look me in the eye, trying to convey a message to my head. "Pl.. ease… you… must… live, brother." His voice is hoarse and weak. He barely finishes the sentence before his eyelids come to a close. 

"No! Brother!" I scream inside my head, finding my vision is getting blurry. I want to run to where he is, but I hold myself back. 

There is no going back. From now on, there is only going forward. 

I know it isn't right to run for my life and leave my brother alone. However, our parents have entrusted something to me. They tell me to guard it at the cost of my life. That something must never fail in the wrong hands. That is why they and the entire packs put their lives on the line to make sure I make out of the village safe and sound. 

A gentle breeze brushes against where I am standing. It carries the smell of the smoke toward my nose as if to remind me of what is happening. The once cozy village I live in is gone, devoured by a blazing flame, and illuminated the night to be as bright as day.  

As the only Alpha left for our pack, I must stay alive. With that in mind, I turn on my heels and run. 

I can hear leaves crushing beneath my paws and even behind me. Even without looking, I know he is pursuing me. After all, that is why he is here. That is why he carries out this massacre. But I won't let him have it. 

The trees surrounding me are getting thinner, and the night is getting brighter. The wind sweeps away the clouds that cover the moon, revealing the cliff in front of me. 

"Stop. There is no way to run now." A deep voice echoes inside my head. Just as his appearance, his voice is no less intimidating. 

Nevertheless, I will not capitulate. He may be the strongest, but I am the fastest. I won't let him catch me. I must be alive and well so that I can come back for revenge. He dares to kill my people for his self-interest. I will make him pay the price. 

With that in mind, I close my eyes and fasten my pace, ignoring the warning. I run until my paws no longer stick to the dry ground. Instead of flying, my body is dropping in free-fall motion. The last thing I remember is a loud splash, and a cold sensation takes over my consciousness. 





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