The Beat That My Heart Skipped

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CHAPTER ONE : A Living Hell

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I don't want any haram police chasing me around. I want everyone to be open minded and we all know that every Muslim has a different view about Islam. So, please respect that! ❤️

— No love is real, no love is everlasting unless it is done for the sake of Allah 💕

First of all, let me introduce you to the characters in this book :

First of all, let me introduce you to the characters in this book :

Michele Morrone
Daniel Amir Harris


Leyla Lydia TuğutluasLayla Rose Inaaya

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu
Layla Rose Inaaya

Have fun everyone 💘


Why life is so unfair?

That's the only thought that keeps repeating itself over and over again inside my head as I feel my hair being pulled full force and he drags my body down the stairs. I smack my head againts the railing and welcome the pain as the stars begin twirling in front of my eyes.

God, why does my stepfather hate me so much?

Halit throws me and pins me face down to the floor, "YOU HELPLESS BITCH!? You're a real pain in my ass, you know that? You're old enough to earn your own money now."

He presses his knee on the bottom of my spine, making me cry out of pain, "You're hurting me..."

"What did you say? It hurts?" his voice dripping with sarcasm. I hate it when he pretends that he doesn't understand the obvious.

"YES!?" I scream.

"Well, you think I didn't notice the food missing from my refrigerator?"

I turn my head around towards him, "How else am I supposed to eat? You keep me locked up all the time!?"

I don't know why I say that. I say it because it seems like the right thing to say. But it's true — an honest answer. I know better not to talk back or I'm dead. I'm really asking for IT!

"YOU DARE SASS ME?!" he shouts and smacks me across my face before I can dodge his flying hand.

I can taste the blood on my lips and my vision is getting blurry, "Sorry."

"I took you in and kept you safe here when your mom died but now that you're nineteen..."

He crosses his arms while smirking, "I guess you'll have to pay me back or GET THE FUCK OUT!?"

I scamper back on the floor until my back bumps into the wall behind me and I can't go any further. He steps closer and leans down, his beer breath invading my nostrils, "You want to know what happens to girls like you when they ain't got a man to protect them out there?"

I stay silent.

"They end up being sold to the lowest brothel in this world and they will be abused and raped by so many men every single day that they'll be nothing more than pieces of meat that a dog would not have. You're lucky to have me, YOU LITTLE BRAT!?"


That's the only thing that I'm worrying about. Since mom died, he has been threatening to kick me out of the house non-stop. Being in love with my mom is the only reason why he decided to keep me around. But now that she is gone for good, things changed...

The day I lost my mom was the day my misery began.

And he has been nothing to me but an alcoholic and abusive stepfather. I'm miserable for every single day of my sad life. There is only pain. Pain. Pain.

I saw this day coming and I had a feeling he has been reasoning about kicking me out.

If I didn't put my mind through it, I could have escaped from this hell hole a long time ago. I could just snuck out the window or simply walked out of here when he passed out drunk on the couch.

But it is painful to admit that — He's right.

I have no man to protect me. I have no survival skills. And I absolutely can't be on my own. I wouldn't last an hour out there all by myself.


The only option I got left is to stay in this shitty, disgusting place and being stuck with the devilish man who hates me more than any stepfather could hate his stepdaughter.

"How do you propose I pay you back when you won't let me leave?" I ask, tears springing the corner of my eyes.

With one look at his sinister expression, I already know the answer to that. I'm just begging for him to tell me that I'm wrong. But the official answer is — I was right.

One thing I fear most — I'm terrified that he'll turn me into one of the strippers at the night club that he owns.

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