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The Birth of a Nephilim

A curse or a gift?

"As we all know, eons of years before, there was a rebellion led by Lucifer; the Light Bringer. Despite the beauty of his name, he chose to bring chaos and destruction as he couldn't understand if why his father loves these so-called "humans" above all other creatures. 

What happened next is the part of the story where we are all aware of. The rebellious angels were cast out of heaven and called "The Fallen". One of them became the Devil.

But, does anyone know what happened after that? Did anyone wonder if; are all fallen angels were cast to hell or maybe, some of them are walking among us?".




"This is a very interesting book," Hannah said as she scanned the book once more.  She tried to look for the name of the author but she only found initials, "LM". 

"Mysterious," she thought

She returned the book from where she took it. It was an old dusty book. It looks so simple yet elegant. The only design she can see is a small glittering paint of a silver feather. Everyone would find it normal but for some reason, she was attracted to its beauty.

"What took you so long?" her lover Elijah asked as soon as he saw her.

"I was reading a book to keep myself busy while waiting for the guard to fall asleep," Hannah said as she pulled her long brown dress.

Tonight is a very special night for both of them. Tonight is the start of their journey as they decided to live together forever.

Hannah is a noble and a sole daughter of Michael Adair, while on the other hand, her lover Elijah William is nothing but a commoner. Their love was forbidden by Hannah's father and threaten them that Elijah will die if they wouldn't part their ways.

Hannah was betrothed to some other man chosen by her father. 

But their love for each other was too strong and no one could stop them from being with each other. Hannah wanted to escape from the choking grip of her father.

One night, at the same time as the appearance of the "Blue Moon", the couple eloped to live with each other for the rest of their lives.

"Is the book about angels again?" Elijah asked as he was assisting Hannah to ride the horse. 

Hannah only replied with her charming smile.

Hannah is indeed a rare beauty among the living. Every man wants to have her and they truly admired her perfect physique and kindness.

She had always been fascinated by angels and always wonder if they are real and if it's possible for her to meet one.

"They are truly magical," she thought

"The moon is so beautiful tonight," she said as they were venturing the depths of the forest.

"It is the Blue moon," Elijah said as he also looked up to observe the beauty of the moon.


An hour had passed since they entered the forest and both of them had not uttered a single word. They are both nervous and excited to see the other side of their city. But aside from that, both of them also knew that someone or something has been following them. 

This forest is home to different creatures like wolves, bears, wild boars, and even bandits.  

There are a lot of rumors about this forest. Some say that you might never get out once you enter this cursed forest but they have no choice. It's the only possible path for them to take to be able to escape.

 They are determined. Willing to take any chances just to live with each other.


As they go deeper, they decided to take the path slower. They thought that they are far enough and no one would go after them anymore.


That was the case until they heard a gunshot coming from behind.




The loud sound echoed through the forest. Birds from every direction flew as they were surprised by the noise.

"Hannah! Where are you?" It's her father.


As soon as she looked back, he saw him together with a couple of guards.


"Come here in this instant. Stop this foolish act of yours." Hannah's father said as soon as he saw them. Someone must've seen them and notified his father of her escape. 

They have come this far. There is no turning back.

Go!!!  Elijah shouted as he whipped the horse to make it run faster.

Hannah was scared but she never showed it. She needs to act as tough as she could to lessen the burden from her beloved.

"Hannah! Stop that horse of yours or I will shoot Elijah" She heard her father screamed out of anger.

Their horse is quite slower for it is carrying two of them.


"Are they catching up? " she asked as she gripped Elijah's coat tightly. She cannot see their back clearly because she is riding in the front. 


"Rest assured love, I won't let them separate us, there will be no second chances after this, and don't worry, I will never leave you," he whispered as he was determined as to what to do.


"Come on buddy!" He whipped the horse again but it's not speeding up.

"Remember, till death do as part" 


As soon as he said those words, another gunshot was fired and it made their horse run faster out of surprise.


Hours had passed and finally, they lost them. They stopped at an abandoned castle by the foot of the mountain to have some rest. There is still some furniture but for some reason, no one was there.

"We finally made it!" Hannah said as she jumps with joy and hugs Elijah, the man of her life.

Elijah only smiled bitterly.


"Aren't you happy? We are finally together without any hindrance," she asked as she was confused with Elijah's blank expression.

"Please talk to me, is there something wrong? or maybe you are just too tired" 

"Sorry," he said. His eyes are full of sadness.

"I don't understand," she said as she hugged him again. 

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Edited: 01.01.2021

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