The Blind Billionaire And His Lover 2

Chapter 1

After Vienna and Alan registered their marriage, they went for an honeymoon for a month and came back then Vienna start to prepare for their baby.
It took two years before Vienna was able to go back to school to continue her studies and also changed her course of study to agriculture. Although she already decided to let Sasha take care of her baby but when she gave birth and it was a boy, she decide to spend some time with him and only take him to Sasha after he was a year old and also because grandfather dead just after she gave birth. she decide to live somewhere near her school so she move out of her and Alan’s house even though Alan kick against it but he still agreed with her after much coaxing.
Nisan did not come back soon like he promised and Vanessa decide to move on out of anger, so far she has dated tons of guys and is still counting. Everything was perfect for both Vienna and Alan with nothing to worry about and they both decide to spend sometimes together before she finally move out.
“Vienna what on earth are you packing? We are just going to the guesthouse not far off and almost everything we might need will be provided for us there” Alan said after waiting tiredly for her to come out so they could finally leave since two hours ago she has been getting ready. After few more minutes, she came out with two boxes.
“what on earth is inside those boxes? Are those for you and I only?” he asked astonished.
“no they are for me only, I will get yours in just a minute then we can leave” she answered and rush back in to get it before Alan could say another word. Alan sighed and help place the bags in the car and shortly after she came out and they set off. They arrive at the guesthouse then settle down and had a nice time with a lot of interesting things and just when they are preparing to go to bed, Joel came crying. Vienna open the door and he fell in her hand sobbing, Vienna was startled and surprised to see him like that
“what happened? Why are you crying like a child?” she asked and pull him away from herself but he wont budge until Alan came and cleared his throat. He quickly let go of Vienna and held onto Alan instead
“what do you think you are doing here by this time? Were you sent out of your house?” Alan asked not bothered by his tears
“I was sent out because of you, why do you want to go on another honeymoon after tons of honeymoon you went for already” he lamented and Alan push him away
“why? Do you not remember an important date or forget her birthday again?” Alan asked and pull Vienna along with him to a seat while Joel also followed them
“how do you know that? Did she tell you anything?”
“no she didn’t, but isn't it that obvious? That’s the major reason the both of you fight all the time”
“that’s what I mean, how can she get angry over something so little and she even bought me a divorce paper just because I forgot about one or two things”
“its not one or two things, you forget every little thing and even forget that you have a wife”
“I know but am busy with a lot of experiment and projects still she shouldn't threaten me with divorce all the time”
“you deserve it, if it were me I would have left you long ago. Because of you she takes off about a week in a month and even make time to cook for you every morning before leaving but you never eat them and gets excited every time you say you are coming home”
“wait a minute both of you, the person you are talking about right now is Kellie right?” Vienna asked trying to go along with their conversation
“that’s right, Vienna why don’t you look at it from a woman side and tell me what you think. Is it right for a woman to tell people she is not married when she has a husband?” Joel asked
“I don’t know about that but miss Kellie also told me that when we first met so I guess she must have a reason and based on your conversation maybe you’ve done something that really hurt her a lot” Vienna answered. Joel bow his head low in tears
“but I think she is serious this time, I forgot her birthday and even remember a professor’s birthday and bought him a present. Am really done this time what should I do?”
“don’t do anything, you should just get divorced and let her go. If you don’t have time for marriage then you shouldn't stay married. You’ve been married for a long while now and although you are still young but she is not” Alan replied and stood up
“how can you say that to him, don’t you know you are hurting him more by your words. Joel don’t worry am sure Kellie wont do that but you should also do something fast before you lose her. Why don’t you cancel some of your project and just research in the lab and make her happy maybe she will change her mind?” Vienna suggested but Alan held the door open for him and push him out

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Kehinde Jayeoba

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