The Chronicles of Love [bxb Short Stories Collection]





The Chronicles of Love is a collection of short stories and novella that depicts the main theme known as "LOVE." 


It is said that time changes, people change. Nevertheless, the love of a family and the significant one has always been and will ever be the same regardless of anything change.  Though there is nothing permanent on Earth, there is a belief that "love" will. 


No matter what we've been through in life, as long as you know how to love and be loved, everything will be just fine. Let's stay positive even in a negative situation.


P.S: There are a few things to note about this book:

+ The whole book is a collection of bxb stories (LGBTQ where main leads are both males).

+ There will be mature chapters (I will put a note on top as a warning for those who aren't comfortable with this scene).

+ Some stories are completed, and some are on-going. 


Title of the novella/short stories in this book: 

1. Evergreen (completed): Comtemporary Adult Romance

2. Home Is Where The Heart Is (completed): Adult Romance (OMEGAVERSE/MPREG)

3. 100% Match (completed): Adult Sci-fi romance

4. Just Us (completed): Teen Fiction Fantasy featuring Mermen

5. Basorexia (on-going): Adult Romance/Slightly Erotica




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There is nothing much to say about me. But one thing that I want to specify is that I am NOT a native English speaker. Therefore, please forgive any mistakes or grammatical errors) if you happen to find them. 


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Thank you for choosing this story. I hope you have fun reading. 

Have a nice day, and take care. :) 


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