The confused love





"How many kids you want in future?" My eyes widened at her question. Is she for real.



"Ooooooo!! you are blushing at the name of kids . So cute!" saying this she pulled my cheeks and suddenly kissed me on my cheeks.She looked down getting embarrassed by her act . She did this unknowingly. I was shocked.



"Hey listen I am hungry can we eat now if your questioning session is over?" I said lightening the environment.

"One last question plzzzzzzz!" she said with a puppy face and I nodded.





She came forward but suddenly she tripped by her dress but I caught her .


Our eyes got locked and it seems like the world around us stopped . She fit perfectly in my arms. I can feel her accelerated heart beat.


After few moments I make her stand.

We talked for sometime and ate our dinner.

After dinner she said


"Its getting late we should go home now."  I nodded.

We were driving towards home. Suddenly she shouted.


"What happened? Are you okey?" I asked.

"I want ice cream." she said pointing towards the ice cream parlour with a huge grin on her face.


God!! This girl is crazy.


"Girl you scared the shit out of me."


I brought ice cream for her. I don't like ice cream . I handed her ice cream.


"Where is your ice cream?" She asked.

"I don't like ice cream." I said.

"Whatt!!! Ok don't change your words later. I am not going to share my ice cream." she said.

I smiled at her cute act and started to drive again.





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Somia Naeem

Edited: 12.04.2021

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