The Demon’s Omelette

A dream or a memory

The moon shone through the gaps in the rustling leaves...very little light entered the dense forest. The scene was filled with sorrow as one could hear the painful sound of panting...and pair of feet running through the crispy leaves.

 The moonlight struck the silvery hair that flew along with the wind, It was a woman holding onto a baby, she looked pale while her gaze was drenched. her violet eyes looked at the baby in her arms and then looked up, to see where she was headed to. She stopped and looked around.

It was devastating, the sound of soldiers marching towards her grew louder, the only way she thought she could outrun them was to enter the lair of the beasts and she didn’t hesitate because those beasts were less vicious than the ones that we’re after her.


‘Waa, waah!!’


The baby in her arms started crying, she looked at her baby and hugged her tightly as she mumbled.


“My love! It’s gonna be okay…Don’t cry,”


She ran as fast as her feet permitted but luck wasn’t on her side, she reached the brink of the cliff. Her heart thumped harshly, while her legs trembled, it was a deep cannon ahead, and the sounds of soldiers marching closer rung in her ears. 


“Haah! Haah!!...” She looked around as she breathed heavily, there was nowhere she could hide. When all hope seemed to be lost the woman with an angelic facelifted her gaze and looked at the child in her arms. She had to protect her.


The woman hugged the child closer to her chest while holding one of her hand out, she bit into her finger, her eyebrows seised as her tongue felt the rusty liquid against it.


“Mother promised...that she would keep you safe,” Her trembling pupil stared at the baby with navy blue eyes and jet black hair. She looked nothing like her mother.


The woman pressed her bleeding finger onto the back of the babies neck, A soft cry escaped the baby’s lips. Suddenly the wind blew harshly through the cannon and the baby cried harshly…


“There she is catch her!” The sharp voice of a man echoed in the woods.

They walked closer but the wind was too strong for them. The men persistently marched forwards whale the woman lifted her bleeding hand, the wind got even stronger but this time it had arrows in it, the lady breathed heavily while she pointed her hand towards the soldier, The arrows struck them and blood splattered everywhere. There were screams and cries the woman was not happy to see this but she had no choice…

“Retreat!!!!!!...” The leader shouted and the army disbanded, The wind blew harshly and the arrows rained over the men who were running away.


“HAAH!!” a deep breath escaped the lips of the woman and she collapsed on her knees. Her silvery hair that blew with the harsh wind slowly faded as the glittery shine was blown away by the gust of wind leaving a mass of black hair strands.


“We are safe no(Slash)...Hick!” she chocked in pain, 


The warm blood splattered over the baby’s face, as the tired smile of the woman faded into a painful expression. She looked down at her chest where the piece of the sword was sticking out. One of the soldiers had attacked her from behind.

A tear rolled down her eyes while her lips parted.


“~oistos dunamis” She muttered and an arrow flew towards the man holding the sword and struck him in his arm.


“Gasp!!!...Mommy? Mommy where are you? Hick!...Hick.”

A girl about four years old cried in her bed because she woke up from a horrible dream.



The heavy door opened and a lady in a royal dressing entered with a worried expression.

“What happened to my Luna? Is everything alright?”


“I...I had a nightmare,”


She hugged her mother and cried out.


“It’s okay! Mommy is here now...everything will be alright,” Elise spoke with a soothing voice.


She patted Luna’s back lightly and calmed her, after a few moments of silence Luna asked a very odd question.


"Mommy? am I a monster?" 


her voice was sad and her cherry red lips pouted while her clear navy blue eyes stared at her gloomily.


"Monster? Why would you say that?" Elise frowned when she heard those words from Luna.


"Everyone calls me that when I am walking by, or playing, they always say that" Luna’s eyes trembled when she spoke.


"Really? Did they say that to you?"


Elise asked with a serious tone as if she was annoyed by the maids in the castle.


"No they were whispering to each other,” Luna replied as she pulled a strand of Elisa’s hair.


"They were whispering but you heard them say that? That's amazing" Elise tried to make Luna happy by directing her thoughts in another direction.


"Mama! do you know I can hear things others can't hear? it's too loud but still, nobody hears that" Luna spoke with a happy face.


"Then my daughter is a superhuman, right!" Elise smiled at her.


"Yes I am a super, superhuman and not a monster, I will tell everyone that I am not a monster" Luna smiled which showed her dimple on her right cheek, she looked extremely cute when she smiled. 


Elise couldn't resist the cuteness and pinched her cheek


"How can people hate someone so innocent like you, my heart aches when I see you suffer." Elise hugged her tightly as tears formed in her eyes


"Mama? Why are you sad?... Did I make you sad?" Luna looked at Elise with worried eyes.


"No love! you cannot make anybody sad, it's just I can't…” Elise was still looking for words to explain it to three years old when Luna put her small hands-on Elise's face.


Edited: 15.02.2021

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