The devil's box

Chapter 1

        " Around 80's, our forefathers announced a war between them and the paimon. And they won the battle costing many lives. And they preserved it in a box umder this site. So our target is to find the box where the paimon has been preserved. So we can securely preserve it in our security. So no can touch it or open it without knowing. So your job is to find boxes and if you find any, then you will get them at the office. And !! Never, ever open any box that you found here. Ok so be careful. And disha, come with me."

    " Yeah! sir." 

    "So disha you will be in-charge in this. Ok 'cause I don't trust anyone than you. Ok!"

    "Yeah! sir. You will not be disappointed. Trust me."

   "I do, disha"

   don't skip skip this story the 2and chapter will be more interesting 🥰


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