The Dragon and the lighting ball


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One night Yè fēng is awakened by a terrible storm, the thunder is so loud it seems to shake his simply made wooden and paper house. The multiple flashes of lighting light up his bedroom, he can see the rain is seeping through the shutters. He gets out of bed, picks up a cloth and uses it as a wedge to keep them closed. Then there is a thunder crack so loud even with his ears stuffed with cloth he has to place his hands over them to block it out. It is closely followed by a strange sizzling and cracking sound.

   “What on earth was that?” Yē Fēng mutters, removing his hands from his ears.

The storm also seems to be calming down; the thunder does not seem to be so loud, so the Grey Dragon decides to head back to bed and slowly drifts back in to a heavy sleep.


The next morning the people awaken to find the road outside their homes is littered with large puddles of water, dead foliage and branches from the surroundings trees. Some start to survey the houses for any damage caused by the heavy rain. This is when they notice some of the tiles on side of the roof of the god’s home have come away.

One of the ladies quickly stops the men from going over to his house and whispers, “Perhaps I should go, as he might not be decent.”

   “You’re right my dear, you go,” replies one of the men.

The lady trots over to the house, she is about to knock on the front door when it slides open making her jump and say, “You’re up!”

Yè fēng laughs and replies, “I sure I’m, Jin. Is everything all right?”

   “It’s your roof on the left side. Some of the tiles have come away.”

   “Oh, that will be the sitting room,” replies the Dragon, turning around.

The young lady quickly steps inside the hallway, takes a moment to removes her boots before trotting after him down a long corridor, to enter a large room.

Yè fēng walks over to the far corner; looks up to see there is a small hole in the ceiling and the floor is still wet under his bare feet. “Oh dear,” he says. “That will need to be fixed.”

   “I’ll go and inform the roofers.”

   “Bless you my dear... Wait a second, that hole is too perfectly round. It is almost as though something has crashed through.”

They both start to look around the floor to spot one of the floor cushions appears to be smouldering and there is a burning smell in the air.

The young lady watchers the Dragon crouch down to pick up a strange glowing ball, she points a hand at it and asks, “What is that?”

   “A lighting ball. It must have come crashing down when there was that really loud thunder crack... Wait, there is something inside it.”

Jin take a closer look to see there is what looks like a lizard within, making her ask, “What is it?”

   “A dragon. Of course nothing like me. It must be a baby Storm Dragon. I bet it fell from its nest when we had that large thunderclap. That’s means the parents will come looking for it.”

The young lady points her hand at the strange egg and asks, “I take it this with get as big as the ones around here?”

   “Oh yes. Be on the lookout for a large dark grey cloud moving against the wind.”

   “I understand. I’ll spread the word.”

Yè fēng opens the front of his robe and replies, “Bless you daughter. Right, I’m going to keep you warm.”

Jin watches him place the egg to the centre of his chest and wraps the front of his robe over it. She then goes to inform everyone about the little guest.


The Grey Dragon makes his way through his home to make sure there has been no more leaks or damage to shutters. All the time talking to the baby dragon and returns to the kitchen to carry on preparing his breakfast.

The farmers in the village go out to check on their fields to see how they have survived the storm. It is not long before they are all seeing a very large cloud coming towards them. One of them quickly goes to inform the god. 

Yè fēng is checking on the egg when a farmer comes busting in to his home through the back door, he quickly diverts his eyes to the ceiling and turns around.

   “Hong, it’s all right my breast is still covered. I was just checking on my little guest. Is there something wrong?”

The farmer turns to face him and replies, “There is a huge cloud coming towards the fields.”

“I’m coming dear boy,” says the Grey Dragon and follows him out of the house.

They see the huge white cloud is coming in to land this makes all the farmers retreat to the road.

Yè fēng makes his way towards the colossus cloud, but comes to stop as something is not right. He quickly tells the men to take cover whilst he takes to the air.

The men all watch the cloud crash in to the field, sending mood flying everywhere. They begin to hear loud growls and hissing.

When the cloud parts they see it is two dragons are fighting. One is as red as a setting sun and the other is green as a lush meadow.

The men watch the god come in to land between them, he shows them the egg and they both shake their heads.

   “Do either of you know where I can its parents?”

   “Try the mountains to the east,”  replies the red dragon.

   “Thank you. Now why are you two fighting?”

The green dragon points a claw at the red one and replies, “He stole my mate!” 

   “I did no such thing! I have a mate. Why would I need another?”

   “You lie!”

   “I do not.”

Yè fēng throws up his left hand and says in a bold voice, “Stop both of you! Why do you think he is lying?”

The green dragon points the same claw and snaps, “I’ve seen him with her!”

The red dragon shakes his head and replies all calm, “I was merely helping her out with the location of your eldest son. I informed her she would find him in the forest playing in the pool.”


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