The Evil Queen ~ Book 1 of The Everlasting Series

Full Description

What if fairy tales aren't as we know it to be? What if they're not all storybook characters and myths, but are in a world hidden to the human eye.

What if some fairytales are way different from the stories?

Could the Evil Queen really be so evil?

Is it just a mask. Could the Evil Queen be capable of such human things as love? 

What if she finds it just as she ascends into her reign as Queen of Everlast? 

That story's never been written, but now it will as Summer Everlasting transcends into the most deepest and darkest parts of herself.


Summer Everlasting has always had dreams of a life she has never known but one that seemed so familiar to her as if it's one she's lived before. One filled with; magic, spells, princes, witches, enchanted forests, maids, mad kings and evil queens. 

Summer has had these dreams her whole life, but gradually they have grown from fairy, magic and princess dreams to dark dreams of being chased, a castle she has never seen and herself as an evil queen.

Nearing her twenty-fifty birthday, Summer has one long dream of being on a golden chair and springing up to chase a man but she is screaming at him. Summer wakes herself up screaming and sees she's middle of being magically whisked away with purple smoke into a world called; Everlast.

As Summer discovers her reign and her destiny, she struggles to remain true to herself and fight the dark with the light, all the while trying not to give in to her darkest temptations and let power control her life and more importantly her heart.