The Fairy Tale Case File


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Her feet were thumping up the stairs gracefully grinning from ear to ear as she let her hand loose on both sides of her body. But something was showing from her left hand: a knife covered in blood. The fresh crimson blood was leaking down the floor every step she makes, and when she reached second floor hallway, she spoke.

"Alicia~" she sang the name softly and gently, opening the first door she met on the long hallway. "Are you here?" she asked, observing every corner of the room and saw no sign of anyone even entering. She shut the door close again and continued to walk.

Meanwhile, the poor teary eyed child covered her mouth to keep herself from making another squeal. She ran back to her room and hid under the bed after running away from her mum when she saw her stabbed the girl's nanny a couple of times on her chest. The woman was laughing hardly while the knife engraving down the old lady's heart caused her blood to splutter up and stain her clothes and face. When she saw Alicia watching, she gave a smirk causing the girl to run off selflessly in fear that her mum might do the same thing to her.

"Baby? Where are you?" It softly called out again. She opened the girl's room door and looked around still the grin on her face remained and terrifying. "Come out now... let's play a tea party. I know you love tea party." she tried convincing.

But the child, kept in fear and unwillingness sunk herself deeper under her bed.

"ALICIA!!!" Now the woman's voice became furious. Impatience of waiting where the girl might be, she stomped towards the girl's locker and slammed it open. She hissed, screaming insanely as she walked from left to right around the girl’s room. Until her sight darted towards the bed. making her way towards it as she intentionally dropped her bloody knife on the floor. It made the child squealed shortly that no doubt, the woman heard. She smiled in victory now, kneeling down on the floor and bent her belly down until her head reached the floor, staring straight to the girl who covered her mouth to avoid screaming. all she knew was that woman was terrifying that she had forgotten that it was the woman who took cared of her for years. "Found you." she said in a high pitched voice, reaching out her hand towards the terrified child and grabbed her out of her hiding place.

The child flinched in pain when she gripped her wrist tighter and slid her out under her bed. When the woman successfully pulled her out, the child began to struggle. The child began to scream. "Mommy no!!!" she started to shout out trying to defend her small fragile body.

The woman's grin widened even more. "Didn't I say that we will play a tea party?" the woman reminded. She dragged the child out of the room and the girl watched as they get passed by two old people, a man and a woman, lying on the floor just on the end of the second floor just the same multiple stabs were seen in their bodies as blood scattered down the marble floor.

They went passed the kitchen and the woman casually grabbed the tea set from the cupboard and continued to grab the child on the front yard. The little girl remained crying while she let herself be dragged outside by the woman in front of her.

The woman stopped in front of the tree where there was a dug hole in it, so deep that even with the full mood illuminating the earth, the depth was still dark. She knelt down and leveled herself to the child who still trembles in fear. "Mommy really love you baby. But I can't let baby go stealing her prince so you need to die too. Okay?" She whispered. "You will play the role of Alice in Wonderland."

The child selflessly nodded unknown of what the woman will do. But it was all answered when she pushed the child on the deep hole and at the same time dropped the tea set on it. Although the darkness down the depth of the hole had hid the little girl's deadly appearance, the killer was still looking down with a smirk on her lips. Victoriously being able to finish her job with silencing the child she started walking back inside the mansion and shut the door close.

"I'm the only princess!" she happily announced in front of the mirror while she stared at her bloody face as she began to laugh out loud heartily.

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