The Fake Witch Saving The Cursed Crown Prince

Chapter 1: The Fake Witch

“Oh look, it’s the fake witch roaming around the palace grounds”

“Hey, fake witch”

“Fake witc-“

Ah, it’s the annoying Princess Calina and her equally annoying friend Lady Monique, daughter of a duke.

Let me explain why these two- faced bitc- ehem I mean these two ‘respectable ladies’ are mean to me despite my mom being a respectable witch.

In this world, the royalties and nobles are above the commoners even if you can be much wealthy than the lowest ranked noble you are still beneath them. The only way you can be an equal to a noble is be wealthy enough to buy a title which is not really worth it since it is way too pricey so you’re better off being wealthy and create connections with the nobility hoping you get granted a noble title; or you can contribute something big to the kingdom like new inventions or discoveries which will cause big changes that they’ll grant you a title; or the easiest way (but not really), practice witchcraft and awaken your magic essence within you cause if you are a warlock or witch you are well respected since they are few and rare, see it’s the easiest since all you have to do is practice witchcraft but not really since only a few awaken their magic essence.

Being a witch or warlock makes you equal to nobles and royalties or even higher than some nobles. My mom was actually the legendary Eldalaine, the second powerful witch/warlock, the most powerful one is her brother Edelianus, they were once known the “Mythical Siblings”. That was hundreds of years ago, but why is my mother still alive and youthful looking after all the years? simple, once you have magic essence (others are born with it like my mom and her brother and others have theirs awaken) you start to age slowly once you reach teenagehood until you stop aging at all so most people who have magic essence are young looking.

My mom hid herself and took a new identity after her brother went berserk and disappears after wreaking havoc. It’s pretty much taboo to talk about the legendary Edelianus since he was a righteous man before he went crazy over the suicide of his daughter, so I only know such a little thing about him since my mom also refused to give any information about him not that I’m ‘curious’ or anything.

“Silphy” is the nickname of my mom and she’s dubbed as the “travelling witch” since we never stay in one place longer than a year, she makes deals and contracts with other people for a living. She could have chosen and stayed in any kingdom and settle down to make life easier but no, she chooses to travel. She told me she loves to travel and there’s so many places to still visit but you know what I feel, I feel like we’re running away from something. She was once the well known Eldalaine and then she went into hiding, of course there’s a possibility she was running away from something but I don’t know what is it.

Then there’s me sigh who is going by the nickname of “Aurum” which is very far from my real name of Valamiere. I guess I do deserve being called as the “Fake Witch” but it does not make it less hurtful. I was born without magic essence and no matter how I practice witchcraft it does not awaken and my body also rejected any magic essence that mom tried to give to me. Oh you can actually transfer or share your magic essence to someone so they can do magic too but that is not well known or used because WHO IS CRAZY ENOUGH TO SHARE YOUR ESSENCE WHEN IT IS A DEFINING POINT ON HOW POWERFUL YOUR SPELLS AND MAGIC CAN BE . . .

Ah oops, sorry for screaming internally . . . I was frustrated ehe oh and magic essence’s color can vary for each person, you can have similar color with another or different one. Mom’s essence is silver and her brother’s essence is gold.

Oooh, another information is that people can’t steal another person’s magic essence because it has to be two ways. The person must be willing to transfer it and the other must be willing to receive it. But I read in the library in one of the cities of Loreyna, that is another kingdom we’ve been to, that there was an instance a magic essence was stolen but not much was written down. Could that be real or just a fake information?

Oh right, the “Fake Witch” ahem I used paper spells made by my mom in order to do magic. You take one paper with spell imbued with it and you ripped it to activate it, so see I use spells as if I am a witch but not really a witch hence the title of fake. Not many witches and warlocks do this because if they do, they will lose their jobs since people will just be buying the paper spells instead of hiring witches or warlocks. So they are quite expensive and rare.

By the way, mom and I hide our identity by wearing a mask that covers half of our upper face. Mom’s a silver butterfly design which is the same color of her hair and mine is gold butterfly design which is the same color of my hair and the-

Woosh something just flew past my face, I turn to look at it and it’s a rock. Huh? When did she bend down and grab a rock in this garden?

“You finally reacted you fake witch” Princess Calina says while fuming with anger “did you hear what I just said??”

Right right right, I was dealing with these two trash. Woops, got lost in my thoughts “eh what is it? Not really listening cause you’re not interesting” saying this while scratching my ear.

Lady Monique brings out a fan and points it at me “hey you! you dare to talk informally to Princess Calina? Have you no respect?”

“Hmm but I’m just talking to you guys the same you are talking to me, what’s wrong with that?” crossing my arms “you speak so . . . I don’t know maybe unnoble like? Yeah, that’s it. For a noble to speak that way is really . . . how should I say this, not appealing but it suites you” smirking at her.

Ahem I am sure I would be forgiven for speaking so informally since I am speaking to someone beneath me.” I guess that is true since people only show respect to me when I’m with my mom “Now, hand them over” pointing at the pouch held by a belt at my waist which contains my paper spells.

Lois Arianne Barrozo

Edited: 13.04.2021

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