The Fight Of A Determined sister


Snow started falling in the lower hemisphere of the globe. Every human being came out of their homes to watch the innocent white little balls fall in awe. It was in the year 1968. The children, under the watchful eyes of their elders, started playing in the snow, their joy immeasurable.

Japan seemed to have been affected too, like many other Asian countries. The Japanese then still lived in wooden houses and had villages without access to technology. There, the villagers lived on animals found in the forest and on fishes they found in the rivers. In such villages, the people lived simple lives and rarely went to the town. The children educated by their seniors passed on the same knowledge to their next generation, and they also learned the same job done by their parents. They did not live in conflict, and neither did they live in luxury. They were all happy with their lives and lived in joy along with the others.

In one of those villages lived the Kamado family, a family comprising the parents and four children, Nezuko, Tanjiro, Sentaro and the youngest named jushiro. Nezuko was the eldest, followed by the twin brothers Tanjiro and Sentaro, then the last one named Jushiro, aged three months old. Each child had a task. Nezuko being the eldest had to look after her brothers, while Tanjiro manufactured coal and went to sell it to the villagers at the bottom of the mountain while Sentaro cut woods and brought them to make a fire in the winter. Seeing the snow, the three children nodded to each other, knowing what they had to do.

Nezuko went to the side of her mother who was besides the sleeping baby. They both started looking for fabric to keep him warm. She also checked on her father, who since a few days had become unexpectedly sick after having performed the ritual to chase evil spirits from the village which consisted of performing special dance steps in a circle clear from snow, a sword in hand. It was known as the Hinokami Kagura dance, the dance of the fire God. In her family, they all had a special trait unlike their mother, the children and the father had a special sense of smell, even more developed than that of an animal. None of the villagers antagonised them because of that. They lived on top of the mountain due to the ritual. Her father performed the ritual for everyone living in the village, asking the evil spirits to stay far from them through the dance. The Kamado family never saw themselves as chiefs of the village. They did what they could to help the villagers whenever they could, using their sense of smell most of the time.

Tanjiro returned from making coal to announce his departure for the village. The sweaty black and green checked Haori boy was covered in suit. His messy hair completely showing the scar on his forehead, panting was ready to run down the steep snowy slopes of the mountain to sell the coal, to bring goods in the house and warmth to the houses of the villagers. Nezuko looked at her brother from head to toe before standing up, announcing her departure for the village. The elder sister could not sit back and let the younger brothers work hard, such was her ideology. The sleeves of her baby pink kimono flapping with the violent wings, she hurled the heavy basket on her back. In his better days, her father had customised the basket to fit like a backpack. She promised to bring sweets for everyone and some other foods for the maintenance of the house and refused her mother's proposal of buying Nezuko a new Kimono. Nezuko knew of her family's financial status and she never asked for anything new.

Down the slope she went, clutching the handle of the basket, struggling against the raging snow storm which had caused her mother's reluctance in granting Nezuko the permission to leave the house. Everyone knew and recognised her in the village. She was seen as the most beautiful creature of the whole village. Nezuko was a kind girl who always smiled to others when she met them. She was a lively girl with her hair always tied in a bun, though she is often asked why she doesn't let it loose like every other young girl of her age. She had been trained to fight with a sword by her father when the latter had been better. He had once given her a sword as gift and she had then kept it with her everywhere she went. No one in the village knew about it, not even her brothers. She kept the sword in her sleeves and always swore before leaving the house to only use it if really necessary.

Night slowly darkened the skies as the sun set. Noticing the sudden change in the weather, Nezuko concluded she would not reach home early and hoped Sentaro had already returned from the woods. The little boy had nothing to defend himself with, nor did he possess any fighting experience. He could be attacked by wild animals in the woods at any time. She hastily sold all the coal and set off on her return journey.

The snow had fallen heavily since the morning and it was hard to walk fast but she focused on her breathing as taught by her dad. Upon nearing her house, she smelled something weird near it, an evil aura emanating from it. Fearing the worst, Nezuko unshielded her sword and ran to her house.


Kim Hitsugaya

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