The Frog`s wisdom

Colorful tale 5.

(Original text in Russian and Ukrainian).

A Frog lived at the edge of the marsh. Once, on a hot day, it was so worn out in the sun that the Frog didn't want to catch mosquitoes and sit idly on the edge of its marsh.

"I wish," — said the Frog dreamily, — "to know all the wisdom that is in the world. Then I would not have been so bored!"

The Frog decided so and went into the forest. I found an old oak tree where Owl lived and began to ask for advice.

— Hi, Owl! Everyone calls you a wise bird so tell me, do you know all the wisdom of the world?

— No-no, — Owl hooted.

— And what to do to know all the wisdom?

— Hooo... Probably, you need to climb high behind the clouds, like the Eagle.

The Frog thanked Owl and walked on. She began to climb the highest mountain where the Eagle's nest was.

— What do you want, Frog? — Eagle was so surprised to see her that he did not even think to attack the Frog.

— What does it take to know all the wisdom of the world? — out of breath from the long journey Frog asked.

The Eagle thought about it.

— Probably you need to go down to the ground itself and even get inside it, as the Mole does, — he finally said.

The Frog hurried back. Descending in the evening from the mountain, she found the Mole's hole and asked it the question.

— What to do to learn all the wisdom of the world?

— We need to know ourselves and the meaning of life, — Mole answered thoughtfully and again disappeared into the hole.

The Frog sat down in the old place at the edge of the marsh and thought.

"How to find out the meaning of life? And does it even have this meaning? You have to think!

Here I eat mosquitoes and midges. It makes sense? What a great sense there is! Do gnats need anything else other than for me to eat?...

But a flock of birds is flying... Where do they fly away, and is there any sense in this?...

The sun is already setting. Evening... Does it make sense that it does not stand forever in the sky, but goes somewhere?

Here the Heron is coming... Beautiful one. The neck is flexible, the legs are long, why does she walk so quietly through the marsh?... And she has a beak... Oh! I know! She's coming to eat me!!!"

And at the same moment, the Frog barely had time to jump off the leaf and gurgle like a stone to the bottom, when the sharp beak of the beautiful Heron snapped angrily in the air, but only touched the edge of the large leaf of the water lily.

After sitting at the bottom, the Frog barely recovered from fear. And after that, she stopped looking for high wisdom, and thought more about urgent matters and her salvation.

Эллин Крыж

Edited: 12.11.2020

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