The good girl's upgrade.

Chapter one.

Grayson's pov. 



I continuously knock on the hard wooden door, stoping only when my ears catch the  sound of feet shuffling, from the other side. 



The door opens, her form walking into the light. She stood in front of me supporting herself with the door's frame. Her hair comparable to that of a bird's nest, black bags under her green eyes like she has been  mourning and her cheeks stained with dry tears. 



"I said it before  and I will say it again I am not renting you the room."she snarls, her teeth gritting at me. "Just go away."



"What if I pay twice the rent."I propose, hopping she would take the offer. 



"No." she replies sternly. 



Her hand moves to her disheveled black, ebony long hair, which is all over her face, and push it behind her ear. 



Who says no to a proposal like this. 



"No." I repeat, my hands itching to pull the roots of my hair out.  "why won't you just rent me the damn room"



"Because I don't want to "she rolls her eyes, a scowl etched on her lips.  



What is wrong with this girl. I hear someone say something from inside the house but didn't bother to comprehend. 



I have never been so frustrated in my whole damn life. I unconsciously run my hand through my hair. I desperately need the room. 



"Can you cook"she ask, bringing me back from my ocean of thoughts. 



"Uh."I stare at her in confusion. 



"Uh...?"she trails. 



"Yes"I reply hopping she isn't thinking what i think she is thinking. 



"Well that's it, you pay the normal rent and cook all the food and I will rent you the room "she said with an eyebrow raised. 



Really she's going to turn me into some kind of nanny. 



"So..... "She draw. 



God damn it. I really need this room. 



"Ok "  i mutter under my breath. 



"You said." 



"I said okay." I draw out, my tone lace with annoyance. 



"Good, we can talk about the rest tomorrow "she said with a small smile then shut the door in my face. 



Did she just.... Huh... Forget it.... 



I turn with my hands in my pocket as i walk to my car. 



Now am wondering how am going to survive living under the same roof with a lunatic. 






"Sky"i heard a familiar voice call.



Huh... Leave me alone people. 



"Come on sky get your pretty ass downstairs" The voice yells again, her voice louder this time.



A soft groan escapes my lips, at the realisation of the owner of the voice. Tin, a.k.a my best friend. 



I wish everyone would have a best friend like her, I mean why am I the only one suffering. 



She's one big pain in my ass. 



I turned to my side hoping to block her insanely loud voice, only to fall of my bed, my body embracing the ground in a thump. 






"Break fast is ready "Tin hollers from down stairs. 



My mind perks up at the thought of food. Its the only thing I live for. 



I drag my body out of my room, down the stairs and into the kitchen. 



"Urgh sky when last did you wash up " Tin ask as soon as I enter the kitchen. 



"Two days ago " I replied nonchalantly, taking a sit on the counter. 



"You know you can't hide here all your life "she says, then place a plate  pancakes beside me. 



"As a matter of fact I can "I replied before stuffing my mouth with pancakes. 





I groan when I heard some one knock the door. 



I turned to look at tin to see her already looking at me with a mischievous glint in her eyes. 



"Rock, paper, scissors "we challenge at the same time. 



I ended up getting a scissors, while she got a rock. 



"I win, you lose" Tin says, a big grin visible on her face. 



"No you didn't you cheated "I growl. 



"Like you always say 'its impossible to cheat in rock paper, scissors '"she says trying to mimic me but failing terribly. 



"But that's because I always win "I whine, my lips put together in a pout. 



"Well today you failed so go get the door "she deadpan with a victory smile on her face. 






I drag my body like the zombie I am, each steps I take to the door giving me various thoughts on how to torture the motherfucker who just disturbed my breakfast. 



Pulling the door open, I put my entire weight on the door frame. 



The figure in front of me, didn't help but add to my annoyance. Grayson. 



"I said it before and i will say it again i am not renting you the room" i rub my teeth against each other. 



"What if i pay twice the rent" 



"No"i reply sternly. What part does he not understands. 



"No"he says frustration, clear on his face. "why won't you just rent me the damn room"