The Land Away From Me

"The Land Away From Me" Chapter 1 (The Call of Nature)

“ A land away from me”

By Cirilo C. Detalla


Waters running on streams

As I am cleaning outside while singing a hymn

Plants and flowers on grandmother’s garden sway and dance

On the blowing wind of a misty land


I looked above the skies

Asking why that thing farther on me from skies

Burns so hot that its rays sting my eyes

I close my eyes and I heard cries


A large noises of trucks coming

A sound of escaping creatures clamoring

The pile of tress fell down on wet lands

Saying goodbye, and will forever be gone


I ran and shouted, but they pushed me and thrown me money

A group of kids came towards and helped me stand

Together we stand and shouted so hard

But they heard nothing and destroyed our homeland


The tress are gone, and far away I saw a land

Where dark smokes are visible and noises heard elsewhere

And from that then,

I never felt peace and only hear clanking


Shouting while pouring oils on machinery

The large land where our ancestors were buried

Became a camp of big load of machinery

All were stripped, and nothings left


I sat and cried feeling wary

A madman they say came and brought me a glass of water

Helped me stood and make courtesy

A group of kids like me learning to fight


Against the actions

There,we stood and fight.


A land away from me

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Edited: 23.10.2020

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