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The Last Royalblood

00|| The Last Royalblood



"You can't run away from the reality, you need to face the truth." 

A thrilling fantasy romance by Laura Williams. 



When Blake Wilder attempts to help her dad solve a case without knowing the mess that awaits to trap her. A mess where all lies are unveiled, a mess where she comes to know about something beyond her expectations.  


Warnings; Angst & mentions of suicide. 



"My life was a lie from the very beginning and I never knew that." 

"Let me go!" 

"Oh baby, don't be scared, you're precious and mine." 

"She isn't a normal wolf." 

"Then what is she?" 

"She doesn't even know she's a wolf." 


>>Ready? Let's get it! ;)




He ran a hand through his hair, a frustrated sigh escaping his lips as he pressed the phone to his ear, listening to each word the person on the other end of the phone uttered, "Another murder in the woods, killed brutally as the previous victims. We need more men to figure out what's happening and who's causing it." 

"Alright, I'll be there in an hour." He hung up the phone, brows knitted together in a frown as he placed a hand over his forehead, rubbing his temples to calm himself. 

"Dad? What happened?" His daughter questioned after swallowing her food, eyeing her dad who sat in the living room couch with a frown imprinted on her features.

"Nothing, Blake. You should hurry up and leave. It's getting late." He sighed, switching on his phone and dialing a number, dismissing her questions without sparing a glance at her way. She nodded slowly, gaze flickering back to the sandwich in her hands as she munched on it, knowing all too well that her dad was stressed. 

Guessing it was another murder in the woods, she dismissed her thoughts and focused on eating the sandwich she prepared for herself. Her dad is a cop, always indulged with investigating different cases and capturing criminals to the prison which also causes him to not be home at times. 

He barely gets to sleep since he pulls an all-nighter, reading through a bunch of files. However, no matter how busy he was, he brought her gifts on random occasions and always expressed his love for her. Smiling at that thought, she grabbed her backpack off the table and swung it over her shoulders before jogging towards the door, knowing she was probably running out of time. Slipping her socked feet into her battered sneakers, she yelled, "I'm leaving now. Take care!" 

He dismissed her with a wordless nod, focused on typing away on his phone as the aforementioned girl left the house, closing the door behind her with a soft click. 

Turning her head, she noticed a black buggati chivron waiting right in front of her house, the driver sending her a sweet smile through the tinted windows as she made her way towards the car. Returning the smile, she slipped into the car before it drove off. 

The university wasn't too far from her house, but it was a thirty minutes drive which seemed like hours to her. It was situated near a deep forest which could be seen from the windows of her class. The same forest where hundreds of girls are being murdered without a trace of the person doing it. 

Blake heard a few rumours about how girls approach a certain boy of her class and disappear the next day. The certain black haired boy always stayed silent and looked out the window towards the same forest. There were no evidences that the boy was at fault for the disappearance of the girls.

But the murders don't stop girls from approaching the boy over and over again while most of the people ignore him and walk away. Blake, herself, attempted to converse with the boy, but it seemed like he wasn't interested. The murders in the woods began from a long time ago, but till now, no one could find the person doing it.

People who went to investigate in the woods never came back which made others believe they were dead. The rumours in her university started a few months back, but Blake refused to believe that the certain silent boy in her class was the one causing it. 

Blake wanted to help her dad solve the case he's been struggling with for years, so she attempted to stalk the boy once after school, but in vain, the boy knew it somehow and went in the other direction to one of his friends' house.

What was weird was that the boy would stare out the window at the woods longingly during classes, and the teachers simply ignored him. What's there in the woods for him?

He doesn't have a bunch of friends and the only person he speaks to is his best friend, Rick. Although Blake tried to get some answers of the black haired boy from Rick, he refused to answer the questions, saying that the boy didn't like it. 

She has been behind attempting to solve the mystery of the boy for a month now, however, she couldn't find the points to pin him as the criminal. The rumours could be fake too, maybe he's innocent and doesn't know what's happening in the woods. 

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Story about: mystery, werewolf, tragic love story

Edited: 18.06.2021

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