The Last Story

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The Library of Earth

The Library of Earth, 1000 NE

            The Monomyth of Earth, Mono, was slammed to the ground. His vision began to blur, but he still tried to stand. Then, a knife went through his shoulder and pinned him back to the ground. An alien creature with an insectoid face, an equestrian neck and body, with tentacle appendages was staring him in the face.

            “We tried to warn you, Monomyth of Earth,” the alien creature said. Its voice sounded like a metal rake across concrete. “We’ve killed dozens of beings like you in search of stories. You could’ve just walked away,” it began to twist the knife, “but you had to do things the hard way…”


            Mono turned his head to see his son, The Librarian of Earth, fighting another one of these alien creatures. His son was holding his own much better than he was, but he couldn’t get away to help.

            The alien brought the knife out of Mono’s shoulder and held it up high. “For the glory of Croma!” Then, a fist burst through the alien’s chest, killing it. The person flung their arm back, throwing the corpse off of their arm.

            The man was 7 feet tall and was wearing only a loincloth. His lack of clothing, though, showed off his very sculpted physique. It very well could’ve been all sculpted, since the man’s skin was solid gold. His golden skin glistened, but not as much as his bright white smile.

            The man pointed his finger and an energy beam shot out, vaporizing The Librarian’s opponent. “Looks like I came just in time,” the man said.

            Mono stood to his feet, but the man was still towering over him. “Thank you for your help, mister…” Mono held out his hand.

            “The name is Power,” he said as he shook Mono’s hand. “The god of power.”

            “The gods aren’t normally named after what they’re the god of, right?” The Librarian said as he walked to where the two were talking.

            “That’s true,” Power said. “But unlike the other gods, I’m not just a wielder, master, or source of my element. I’ve worked hard to become the embodiment of power myself. And that’s why I changed my name to something more fitting.”

            “That makes sense,” The Librarian said.

            “So, who were these things anyways?” Power asked.

            “They’re Book Thieves,” The Librarian explained. “They travel the Life Dimension trying to steal stories from different planets’ libraries.”

            “Why do they want to do that?” Power asked.

            “So, can we help you with anything?” Mono asked, keeping The Librarian from answering. Mono felt small in Power’s presence and just wanted him to leave.

            Power put his hand on Mono’s shoulder. It felt like the weight of the world was bearing down on him. “I came looking for you, Monomyth of Earth. Something terrible is about to happen, and I’m trying to amass an army of powerful people to help me stop it.”

            “What’s going to happen?” Mono asked.

            “Sorry,” Power took his hand off Mono’s shoulder and turned his back. “That’s recruit-only information. Don’t want to scare the poor citizens of the universe and all.”

            “But aren’t I a recruit?”

            “I came because I thought you were a recruit,” Power turned back around to Mono, hands on his hips, and leaning down to Mono’s eye level. “But after seeing your performance back there, I can tell you’re not cut out for it. You’re not as strong as I thought you were.”

            Mono looked down at his hand. He felt like he had been getting weaker recently. A couple months ago, he could’ve killed both those aliens by himself, easily.

            “But don’t worry, Monomyth of Earth,” Power put his hand on Mono’s shoulder again, but Mono didn’t look Power in the eye. “I’ll make sure everything works out.” Power turned around, clapped his hands, and disappeared.

            Mono continued to stare at his hand. Even if Power saves the universe, or whatever, Mono needed to know why he was losing power.

            “Come with me, son,” Mono said. The two began to walk to Mono’s chamber.

            Mono was the Monomyth of Earth, the embodiment of the human spirit. So, if he was waning in power, then the overall morale of Earth might be compromised.

            Mono opened his chamber door and the two walked inside. Mono’s chamber was a fairly small room, with only a king-sized bed and a mirror. Mono walked up to the mirror and said, “Show me Earth.” The image in the mirror changed from his reflection He looked into the magic mirror and saw… “Earth is facing an apocalyptic extinction-level event,” Mono reported to The Librarian.



            “Do you think they’ll be able to pull through this time?” The Librarian asked.

            “Earthlings can pull through anything, son,” Mono smiled. “All they have to do is not lose faith and they’ll figure it out.” Now Mono just had to find a way to ensure they didn’t lose faith…


Shawn J Singleton II

Edited: 23.03.2020

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