The lost girl

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Chapter 1

My name is Kylie Andrews this is a story about my life. 

 My mom passed away when I was four my father started drinking, every night he will come home either with a woman or a couple of beer bottles in hand after sometime I grew tired and sick of this I decide to talk to him about this he didn't listen instead he beat me up and threw me out of the house I said to myself that I am not going to stay here all night I called my uncle to come pick me up I told him everything he was sorry for me that he is coming to pick me up as fast as he could I thanked him and ended the call. After sometime I saw his car parking in the drive way I ran towards the car like my life depended on it I greeted him and hopped into the car and we drove off his house  was a couple of miles away from mine he asked me if I told my dad I was running away from the house I told him no that if he knew I wouldn't be able to walk right now, he laughed a little which made me  laugh a too after some minutes we arrived at his house I was astonished at the size of the house I said to myselfI wish I lived here I walked in immediately I got in I saw my aunt she made a face it wasn't a nice kind of greeting I didn't care because I was too tired i  went into the guest room my aunt showed me she also gave me one of her old night gowns I went into the bathroom took a long relaxing bath stepped out of the shower put on the night gown and flopped on the bed and fell asleep  only to be awakened by the yelling and screaming of my aunt and uncle i rushed downstairs thinking something was wrong when I got down stairs I heard my aunt saying that I had to leave I could feel tears welling up in my eyes I ran up stairs put on my yesterday's clothes took my cell phone I saw that my dad had called me twice and left a message saying where I was so I decide to call him I didn't let him say a word I yelled at him to him to get out of my life after saying that I cut the call I cried for a bit because of what my aunt Carla said I was still crying when I heard a knock on the door I wiped my tears and opened the door it was my uncle he told me it was time for me to leave I said ok took my cellphone and left the room when I got down stairs I saw my aunt she had a wicked smirk on her face which  made me sick to my stomach I went out the front door and immediately the door was shut behind me If was sad that my aunt hated me I walked for a while and stoped in front of a supermarket which said sales girl/boy needed and then I said why not 



HI guys hope u love this chapter if I made

any mistakes plz tell me xoxoxo byeeee till next time💖💖😘💞😙😚



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