The rise of the fire lord

Chapter 1 Pain and new begining

It all began in the fiery empire where the queen and king ruled with kindness and wisdom. The two had a six-year-old son called ghetarus, blond boy with sky-blue eyes, tall, and with a heart of gold. Happiness ruled the empire, everyone was happy but did not resist, because the world will know another face, a bad and cruel one. A messenger came to the king with an envelope, white and stained with blood, the king opened the envelope, and he said so "In the dark night, darkness will rise and rule the world. " The king was frightened and began to prepare his army but it was too late, as the darkness was at the border, the king ordered the evacuation, the darkness advanced, killing mercilessly, burned villages, everything was ash and blood. The dark army arrived at the palace, the dark king approached the king, he killed them in cold blood in front of the child, the dark king left the child alone and left, everything all around him was covered with fire, he began to cry, and someone dressed in a blue tunic approached, took the child carefully and left with him.After the pain comes hope, because of a prophet who said "The long-lost king will return and take what is his."The darkness began to search for the child, but he failed, everyone thought the lost prince was dead but he was not beginning to live a life of fighter and assassin This is the happy beginning after dark, from here begins the legend of a man who will change the world through his eyes, and kill the darkness, and start a new world.But he will have to go through various journeys to understand his destiny, he will have to choose love or his people, these journeys will make him stronger, wiser and better. Light is also born from darkness



Edited: 17.04.2021

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