The Stars are Out Tonight


Year 2000


"17 dead and millions of damaged property and crops are left after the widespread flood in northeastern Mindanao. Affecting villages in Caraga Region and the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley..."

"Momma, momma" 

"Shhh... Miggy be quiet. Mommas listening to the radio."

5 year old Miggy stared at her mother listening intently to the radioman broadcasting the aftermath of the continuos torrential rain on Mindanao, Philippines. Miggy, the first son of the Liao's and the sole heir to the Young-Liao Group of Companies never understood why his mother loved listening to news on the radio when there was television already. 

"Ayi(Aunty), can I go out and play now?" Begged the small child, missing the outside garden of their mansion located in Davao del Norte. He loved playing with his maids' children too. Running around playing tag or sometimes climbing trees to pick fruits and flowers that he would usually give to his cousin Mei-mei and younger sister Alicia.

"Miggy, the trees are still wet and you might fall down and break your bones. Stay inside and help your sister and cousin on their castle."

"But that's a girls game, Ayi. I wanna play outside with Joaquin and Cris."

"Alright, you go outside but don't climb the trees okay?"

Miggy excitedly went outside just to find both of his playmates playing a game already with an unknown girl outside the fence.

"Madaya ka!(You're a cheater!)" Said Joaquin out loud. Cris stayed silent beside him while scratching his head. 

"That's because you don't know the game, that's why." Miggy heard her say in a sweet voice. 


He walked closer to see a girl, same age as him. Her eyes are colored honey, her hair as black as ebony and her skin was tan, just like any other Filipina girl. She was wearing shorts and a Winnie the Pooh shirt that was faded and a mismatched slippers.


"Wanna join?" She asked Miggy.

"What are you playing?" Miggy answered in curiosity.

"Chess." She answered back.

"Move Joaquin, I'll show you how to beat her at chess." He proudly said while Joaquin moved over scratching his head along with the still silent Cris now poking a frog with a stick.

"You're gross Crisanto Tatlonghari, stop poking that frog." Said the girl again with a frown.

"La, stop calling me Crisanto! It's Cris!"

"Crisanto!" She said again.

"Clarita!" He sneered.

"Clarita?" Miggy asked.

"It's Clara, to be honest. Crisanto can't accept my name is cute like me."

"Hello Clara, my name's Miguel. You can call me Miggy. Ready to lose at chess?" 

"You bet."



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