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The Wizard's Slave


They said that ages ago, humans hunted witches like they were animals. They hang them on bridges or trees. They burned them and beheaded them.


But I never believe any of those. How can they be hunted, burned, and beheaded when they have powers that humans do not have? They can control the elements and the weather. They can compel people. They can even kill humans with just a flick of the wrist if they want to. So who would believe that such powerful creatures can be defeated by humans?


Over the years, people have tried and failed to claim the lands that they said were theirs. Every rebellion ended up with a massacre because humans are no match for them. Once the humans realized that, the bloodshed stopped. And witches and wizards are not as cruel as they seem for letting us live with them in peace.


When the witches and wizards agreed to live with the humans in peace, they developed a system that everyone would have equal rights. But as years passed by, social hierarchy was established. Not just in humans and witches, but also with the witches themselves. Witches and wizards’ powers are not equal, hence the division of the powerful and the weak.


Pensulaire are the most powerful witches and wizards who ruled the world. Whether they are full-blooded or half-blooded witches and wizards do not matter as long as they have mastery over three or more powers.


Witches and wizards who have only one or two powers are called Crosioll. They may not be as powerful as the Pensulaire, but they are also respected and feared.


As humans interact with witches and wizards, many fall in love no matter who or what they are. But it became an advantage if you are a human, whether a slave or not, if you married a witch or a wizard. You climb higher in the social hierarchy. They are called Sartonas.


With marriage comes the off-spring. But humans and witches do not always have off-spring with powers. Some are powerless, much to their parent’s disappointment. But still, that does not mean that these off-springs could not produce a powerful off-spring in the future, so they still ranked high in the social hierarchy.


There are two kinds of non-powerful off-spring. The first one is called Meszos. They are half-human and half witches, yet their human parents are either middle class or rich humans.


The second one is called Musolet. Like Meszos, they are half-human and half-witch, but their humans parents are slaves.


Even though humans and witches have married and mated, some humans still choose to be with their own kind. Sleraisun are the rich and powerful humans. Powerful not in the magical sense, but the political sense. They are the people who have a place in the government and serves as the human’s representative. Yet the Odions, the full-blooded human working class who works in offices and factories, think their choices are only for their benefits.


As for me? I am a Sorhen, the slaves. The poor people who have nothing when the witches and wizards take over the world. And so, we became slaves either to our kind or to the witches and wizards that rule the land.


But like the witches and humans, we are divided and classified based on who we are. The Namhei are slaves who are free to choose an employer and get paid similar to the Odions, yet they differ in the state of living. But like the Odions, they are free to marry whomever they like.


The class that I belong to is the Sanguie. We are slaves who are sold to witches or humans. Most of us are used to pay our parents debts. Unlike the Namhei, we have no free will, and we do not get paid. Whoever our master will be can sell us to whomever they want. We are like pets that could be bought and given to friends or acquaintances.


As the years passed and the Sanguie became limited, they developed a system to monopolize it. Anyone who wishes to sell their children would have to sell it to the government. The government has the facilities for the children and raised them as what Sanguie should be like.


Obedience is the first thing that they drilled into our minds. It’s a training as to when you have a master. If you do not follow the rules, there will be consequences. And every Sanguie in the facility would watch as the rule-breaker was punished. 


They also taught us the domestic works like laundry, cooking, and the likes. They also taught us the social hierarchy, so we know who we are dealing with and how powerful they are. We are lucky if humans would be our master as they are kinder. But witches and wizards may not be as nice. Disobedience might not only result in paddling or whipping, but death.




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Edited: 20.04.2021

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