The Writings Of Nine Houses Book


A high-off and dangerous mountain forest that humans are not easily permitted to enter. The place where only the spirits who protect the forest can enter. A place called Forbidden Garden. An animal god has lived in there for 1000 years. Sybil shouts for Willy. Willy isn’t there so he figures Willy is out doing something again. Willy is jumping around the forest.  He hears the sound of drums. He has come close to a village and sees the bright light coming from the courtesan’s house. He runs toward it. Willy sees two girls inside a cage and a boy. The guard tells them to get out but they are hesitant. Sheila is slow to move so guard pushes her. She has blood on her handbook. Sheila’s brother shouts at guard for treating them this way. Sheila’s maid yells at guard for being so rude to a family that once helped him. Guard pushes brother onto the ground and knocks on door. Five servants come out. They invite the guard in but he leaves. The servants tell the kids to move. Sheila asks what this place is. The woman says the courtesan’s house. Inside the house, Raven, the head, finishes playing the drums. People compliment her. Other castle’s talk about how the kings fell for her. Raven yells at them for being vulgar. Three servants come to report to Raven.

Sheila is saying she won’t go inside. The servant woman yells at her and grabs her arm. Her brother tries to stop. Raven comes out and asks who they are. Servant woman says they are from a traitorous highly educated civil servants family. Sheila says her father was framed. Raven says Sheila needs to come in and just do what as she is told to do. Sheila says she won’t become a courtesan. Raven tells servants to strip Sheila. She is stripped and her brother and her maid are held back as they scream. Willy watches in shock. Sheila shakes in shame and tries to cover herself. Raven tells servants to tie her up. Sheila is tied to a tree. Rose, Raven’s official assistant, tells them to lock up the brother and maid and orders Sheila to be tied up and left without food or drink until Raven says she can be released. Servant woman explains that Raven is trying to break Sheila’s useless high educated civil pride. Sheila is left outside in the cold and she cries and screams, “Please untie me!” Willy watches and glooming lights start to float around him. He reminds himself, “I promised to my friend Sybil that I won’t butt into human affairs” and starts to leave but he hears Sheila cry.

Flashback to Sheila running into her house and seeing her father being accused of treason. The father asks Ken, “How can you do this to me?” Ken replies, “Because you looked down at me.” He whispers to the father, “You’re daughter will be made a courtesan and I will go to her often.” The father becomes angry and grabs a knife but he is struck down before he can do anything by Ken and blood splatters all over Sheila and screams. Flashback ends.

Ken is in courtesan house having fun. Raven comes into the room and congratulates Ken on his promotion. He says it’s because he brought in a traitor. Raven asks “Weren’t you friends?” Ken says that even if they were friends, you can’t take the side of a traitor. Ken says he came to ask her a favor. He tells Raven that his friend said if his daughter comes in as a courtesan, Ken should be the first man to have her. Raven can obviously tell that it is a lie and is disturbed by this. Ken asks how long it will be until Sheila is ready as a courtesan. Raven doesn’t look pleased and says it will take some time. Ken says he is busy and wants her ready in five days. Raven tries to protest but Ken is firm. Raven looks disturbed.

It is morning and Sheila is pale and blue. The village people have come to stare and point. Kids throw rocks. She remembers female servant’s words about her high educated civil pride. Sheila vows to herself she will never become a courtesan. Willy watches her all day as she goes in and out of consciousness. He does the flower petal thing which tells him not to help her. He gets angry at that.

Raven is painting and a female servant says it’s been four days since Sheila has been tied up. She also reminds Raven that Ken’s request date is coming up. Sheila is still tied up and swearing to herself that she won’t become a courtesan. She completely faints and Willy jumps down from the tree to help but Sybil stops him. He says it’s her fate and Willy shouldn’t interfere. Willy tries to go to her but Sybil throws a bead bracelet around Willy’s wrist and reminds him of his promise. Willy still tries to go to Sheila and says, “It’s just once. I’m just trying to help.” Sybil says, “It’s that just once that is dangerous. Once becomes twice and twice becomes three times.” Sybil starts to leave and reminds Willy that there is a line between him and humans. Willy gets angry and his eye changes. He throws the staff at Sybil seemingly, but it was just to kill a snake that was about to attack Sybil. Willy says to friend, “See I helped you.” He smiles and turns around to help Sheila but Sheila isn’t there anymore. He looks disappointed. Sheila is inside the courtesan house now and she gains consciousness. Daisy says she had a fever all night and Raven had her brought in. Sheila gets up and says she promised she wouldn’t step one foot inside the house. Raven comes into the room and demands to know what a girl who was sold as a courtesan will do then. “A courtesan must do what she has to do.” Sheila says she rather be tied up again. She tries to leave but falters. Raven shows Sheila her brother who is tied up and says, “Your brother’s life depends on you.” Brother tells Sheila not to worry. Sheila can’t reply so Raven orders the beating to start. Brother gets beaten in front of Sheila and resolve starts to break. She finally cries, “Stop,” and Raven orders the men to stop. Sheila pleads for her brother to be let go. “I will do whatever you say so please let my brother live.” Brother screams in opposition. Raven tells her official assistant to clean up Sheila.

Maria Imnida

Edited: 04.05.2022

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