To the Mars and Earth

Chapter 1


As i was gazing through the window that looked like the Aquarium's windows- that's thick glass- limiting the voices from the outside; crossing my arms and resting my chin on it, staring at how beautiful night looks: shiny stars that are important for our crops and trees, the colorful sky that appears every now and then, having various colors as purple, green, blue, and sometimes red if i caught it before transitioning into purple; they call it Aurora Polaris. After gazing through the window for a while, i started to see two moons of our dear planet, both of them are half way through the full moon
In my perspective, they look more attractive than it is full, they complete each other; however, they look like eyes when they have became full, i never be able to sleep at that night.

Tilting my head, making it comfortable enough to take a proper look at the sky, that's is shining through my bedroom, as i am resting my head on the window, my body started to give out after my mind started to empty out its thoughts through the beautiful stars, and most important star that makes my mind relaxed, pretending it to be listening to me, despite not understanding what i am saying.


The beautiful, complemented colors are shining through my mummified brown eyes, causing me to be curious day after another, night after another, dream after another, and of course, moon after another. 
I have never gotten to be born in this beautiful world, that has other than 4 billion people living there. I shouldn't blame my family who decided to go to another planet after seeing the Earth failing it's own necessity, from climate change, to extinctive animals and plants.

Nonetheless, i would definitely blame the people who gave the first push for humans of the planet Earth to move to another planet, which is my hometown, Mars.

My mummified, Amber, wavy hair, started to warm me up enough to make me fall asleep, the last thought i have had in my mind was a wish.
"I hope i can go to the planet Earth, one time before i die."

Then i suddenly closed my eyes after looking at the beautiful planet Earth, brightening it's beautiful crystal stars, which is called Light, as a little kisses on my cheeks.

7 stars out of 12, it's time to shine, brighter than the stars who gave us their lives to make us survive.

My eyes has opened wider as soon as i have heard the alarm that i have accidentally switched on, to set off. I have readjusted my body after i have had both of my arms outside of my bed along with my wavy hair and facing my face done, while my legs were crossed unlike how i was sitting. Sitting on the edge of the bed, getting my device, after i have switched off the alarm that can carelessly waste stars for our sake to wake up. 
As i stood up, i looked through the window, the crops have grown a lot longer and healthier than it was at night, and behind the crops, the planet Earth was as shiny and bluish as it looked. 
I didn't notice that i was smirking, feeling proud of the planet Earth, as it was my source of happiness.

I'm Miracle of the planet Mars, i am living in the countryside of Mars. There are more than four capitals of this planet. Unlike the earth, we are all one country, but we have more than five presidents as the Earth humans would call them, controlling the planet. We, of course, didn't forget our democracy, and chose them ourselves, voting was an option; we didn't let our human rights go waste after the sacrifices of our Earth human races have done to provide education, and career to encourage our rights as same as Earth Men and of course Mars Men.

The main and biggest capital, that all the eyes on from both Earth and Mars Humans, Marselena- it was named after the discoverer of this capital specifically, it was taking a shape of a heart, and beside the land, there was a set of mountains that was shaped as number five in greek numbers. Mars is the fifth planet out of nine planets, we include pluto in our education system, It was huge attention to all the humans back then.

As i went to the bathroom to transform myself into a neat human being, once the bathroom door is closed, it's time to declare war inside, from brushing my teeth to taming my wild wet wavy hair, since in Mars, the air is different, it is the reason why the lifespan of the humans living there lower and shorter than the Earth humans.

During the time i will spend to look like a decent human being, i will go on by talking about living in Mars. We have a lot of countries in Mars; However, the government didn't allow us to build anything else other than houses to live in, we are living in scarcity despite the areas where we can grow crops. 
As you noticed that the difference between night and morning, the crops that i planted yesterday morning has grown as fast as if it's a video of its growth in time-lapse, in matter of a day or two. Completing the maturation in short time is more of a disadvantage who lives here, because if it's applied to plants, then it's applied to human beings.

The human being's lifespan is 30 years.

It's 8 stars out of 12, sun based timing. 
Whispering to myself, as i am walking fast toward my car spaceship, wearing high heels that i am not comfortable wearing; nonetheless, it's a feeling that makes me none less of a female human earth. It makes me blessed.
I unlocked my spaceship car by using my ID in my wrist, while carrying my hand bag that has my laptop, and my formal jacket resting on my arm. Gratefully it has been granted to be opened. 
Another day has been granted for me to be alive.
Felt my heart saying a prayer without moving my lips to say it nor my mind to think about it.
As the spaceship car has been counting down the timer to zero, it has rose up above the ground level, little by little; i started to see my house getting smaller and smaller. Taking off to the capital of Mars, seeing the lanes of the space streets; and the universities, libraries, malls , museums, so much more of unique suits, complementing the major sight of the capital. It seems as if it's the northern star has landed inside the heart of mars.


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