Trouble with love

Wine 2

    Ava had tried her best to solve the issue of the wine swap but Lucas wouldn't listen to explanations. She wasn't in charge of it. Ian was . She's mainly at the textile industry.

    " You can talk to him right?

          " I don't think so. He wouldn't let me see him. I think I will try okay? The least I can do is make an appointment for you" she spoke with uncertainty

       " Why! is something wrong? Did you offend him? She asked with concern

           " I did something foolish Ava. I don't know what to do? He was poisoned at the hotel. This is trouble for us" she lamented

       " That's impossible. They taste his food before serving him right?

             " Not the food. Wine Ava. The bartender said it was a new delivery. But he gave them the old one that has been screened. I don't know what went wrong? She said recalling Ian's cousin work at the hotel too as a bartender.

      " What do we do now? Am I going to jail? Am I going to lose starlight?

           " No Ava. I'll save our company okay? She assured her thinking of how to see Lucas.

       " Please do. Don't annoy him  in the process" she pleaded

             " He's the annoying one not me. But I'll endure it for our future" she smirked trailing off unknown to her that Ian was following her. She entered her car and drove to the hospital .

   Ian hit his steering wheel when he saw her enter but he couldn't care less. The aloof and cold Lucas won't listen to her anyway. He drove off.

    She entered the private ward and saw many bodyguards by the door. She sighed then noticed a group of nurses and doctors coming out of the ward . She smiled and waited for some hours. She stole a nurse uniform for once she cursed her butt size as she couldn't find her size.

   After much attempt she found her size and came out. It was time for them to go inside. She begged a man to distract a nurse and he agreed benefits of being sexy.

    She joined the crew and entered the room.

        Lucas recognized her at a glance cos of her enormous butt. Besides none of the nurses were that attractive before and she wasn't into their medicine jagoon. He kept smiling till they were done with the check up.

     They all left while she stayed pretending to check his drip.

       " Are you going to keep pretending manager? I never knew you were this ambitious." He mocked . She showed her face in embarrassment

        " How are you feeling? I came earlier but your boys won't let me in "

           " I know. I told them not to. Why are you so desperate to see me manager. "

       " I..... The hotel will face some setback should the news of your poisoning get out" she stuttered

         " I'll clear it. You don't have to worry. It wasn't your fault. "

     " We're trying to catch the intruder. You scared me you know"

         " You fear for your job. I understand. I won't bring the hotel trouble. " He said truthfully ready to lie down

           " Thank you" she sighed. One problem solved now the hardest part

        " I......" She stuttered

             " Something on your mind manager? He asked noticing her stuttering. She's scared of him he doesn't blame her.

      " My friend's company is in chaos. They have been accused of fraud and a lawsuit was issued to them including their warehouse seized. She's going berserk for it. I wish I can help her" she lamented staring at the floor waiting for his response

          " Starlight wines. Audrey " he said as she raised her head surprised he called her name and it seems to be melodious hearing it.

         " That's my business" he finished

        " Of course it is. Just grant her an audience. Let her explain and I know you will come to an agreement together. " She quotes

            " And why will I do that for you? You're nothing but just a mere Manager " he slammed

       " Yes and the girl that helped you to solve your gender issue. I deserve some credit Mr Hamilton" she retorted making him chuckle staring at her. She didn't know whether he agreed or not.

     " That's no way to ask for a favour" he snapped as she stepped back

            " It'll benefit you too. She's not a liar. She didn't do those things. I have known her for years now. "

       " Starlight is owned by Ian Audrey"

    " Not really. She's the real owner. Meet her first and settle the dispute"

             " Commendable. She got it. First thing on Friday. At the hotel" he voiced making her surprised

      " Oh thank you very much sir. You have saved a life. Thank you" she said continuously beaming with happiness

            " On one condition" he announced cutting her joy short

      " Okay" she said waiting for it

            " You're to return to be an hostess since the one you recommended almost killed me " he proposed

             " Alright" she said dejectedly. Here she was thinking she was free . it was just for three days.

       " What? Have you realized you wasted the money you used in throwing that party? He said sarcastically

          " Yeah. I pretty much did . I'll be leaving now if I can" she said nonchalantly

           " You've started with that altitude. Learn from the former hostess. She was so obedient and lively" he commented

         " Why don't you keep her then. You love tormenting innocent people" she grumbled between talks making him scoff

       " I guess you agree. You can go. Make sure my suite is tidy and neat. Change the curtains too." He ordered gosh he loves ordering her. Her grumbling makes it fun.

      " Yes Sir" she left unhappily. 
    Lucas scoffed and was looking forward to meet the friend of hers whole turned out to be the owner of starlight wines.he let the issue of catching the intruder to the hotel. 

Tucky Vivian

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