Trouble with love

Her tears

            Audrey Zachary 
              Red hair dyed brown
              Hourglass figure
             Grey eyes
             24 years old
              Social but uptight
                   Hotel manager


                   Lucas Hamilton
                   29 years old
                   Six feet tall , big and muscly
                   Deep brown eyes
                     Low cut hair(army style round cut)
                   Sarcastic, disrespectful
                       Down to earth handsome
                          Former general
                          Business tycoon

      On a lovely evening Audrey was returning home from rehearsal when she received a call from her aunt  to wait for her in the train station  that she's nigh. She obeyed cos she's her guardian having lost her father to brain tumor and her mom ended up in coma cos she couldn't accept her husband's death. Ivy jerkins took her in and catered for her. She has been a mother figure to her . She took her in from the age of twelve and they were okay. 
        At the early age of sixteen, she was done with high school and was attending college . Initially she wanted to be a doctor. So she majored in it.
      Audrey was in the train station for hours. She wanted to leave but received a call from her aunt to buy her some groceries. She obeyed and went.
            She walked towards the supermarket and heard footsteps coming her way, she freaked out as it was dark already. She turned around and was knocked out. 
        " She's such a beauty. She'll be good for business. Look at those ass . They'll be bigger when she grows up.her boobs are still tender" she heard someone say before she completely lost consciousness.  
         She opened her eyes and heard voices. Annoying and ranging voices probably two people fighting. 
       " I saw him first. You seduced him" 
            " Shut your mouth. He said he's tired of you" the other argued. She thought it was from the TV. She opened her eyes and they turned to her. 
       " She's awake. Now there'll no client for me. Another hot one. I can barely keep up with Ava" Lola lamented shooting her a disdain look. 
       She rubbed her eyes, looked around and pounds her head trying to comprehend the situation. 
         " Me either. Where does she get them from? She's still young though" replied Vanessa.
       " Where am  I?  I have to go home. I have an exam. Have you seen my phone? She said fidgeting as they stare at her like a deranged girl     
        " It seems she was napped" scoffed Lola
       " No , I think she was bought. Sold out. Kicked out. What a dilemma" said Vanessa tssking her tongue 
         " I don't have time for this. Give me my bag . I have to call my aunt" she demanded earning a glare from them as if she's     speaking a foreign language

         " The beauty is awake. Good timing. There are lots of clients awaiting your presence. Vanessa and Lola will give you a tour while Amor will teach you everything you need to know about being a prostitute" mademoiselle Viola voiced. 
     Audrey didn't know what to say. It all seems french to her though she can understand french. She looked at mademoiselle Viola again and giggles assuming it was a joke. 
      " I don't have time for this. I'm going home. You can keep the bag." She walked out of the room and behold it dawn on her. She was indeed in a brothel. 
         " Once you're here. You belong to my forever. Your job is to wait on men. Serve them and make sure they're satisfied. Your body isn't your dignity anymore but your livelihood. Your career, your profession when you look at it , it reminds you of who you are, a slut ,a whore, a prostitute" she heard Viola lecturing her . 
    There's no way this is happening to her. Did she fall prey to illegal immigrants? She didn't believe it. 
        " Your job is to obey my command Audrey. Do you understand me? 
           " I don't want to be here. I want no part in it. I want to go home. Aunt Ivy will be looking for me. Please let me go" she pleaded in tears.

         " Shut up little girl. You're mine henceforth failure to obey the rules will result in punishment believe me you don't want to experience it" she concluded and left.

    " No please. This isn't what I want.i have a dream" she sat on the floor crying. Lola and Vanessa consoled her.

       " There's no use. No one escapes mademoiselle Viola. If she buys you. You're hers forever. So is your children if you're get to have one. You have to accept it. This is who you are now. Viola will punish you if you don't come for the tour" said Vanessa wiping her tears.

          " I was sold? Is that what you mean? By who? I was knocked out then I found myself here" she tried to remember the last thing she heard

       " You were sold. Must of us are like that. I was napped though. Viola bought Lola from her boyfriend" Vanessa lamented looking at Lola who wasn't pleased she told her about it.

Tucky Vivian

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