Twin Deeds @1

Hello Twins!!!

I am so lucky to have such cute and sweet twins like you.....i will forever love you and will never ever leave you....i will take care of you and today infront of the church i take this oath to protect you till you are in this world...

Splash!!! splash!!!

"Wake up Soe.....wake up"
"What happened Roe?"
"Nothing happened just wake up and take this hairband of yours and set your hair" 
"No....don't tell me Roe you are thinking of it....."
"Well....i am, i can't live like this any longer....i am tired i want to go and tell her that i am still alive looking into her eyes"
"Roe, in this world children come because of a reason.....her giving birth to us maybe a mistake but our destiny to this Earth is not a calm down"
"You have been telling me this since i was 6 years old andduring that time i was not that smart....but today i am 10 years old and you are still telling me this....but....but....i think you are right....but you have no right to teach me things because you are younger than me...i am the older one remember?"
"Yes yes i know that you are 2 minutes younger than me but i am more patient than lets sleep today and think about your plan tommorow"
"Good night Soe and sorry i woke you up...."
"It's okay now sleep...Good night"

These are two lucky must be thinking lucky??? yes you heard that right....lucky because they are alive...ever thought...why they are in this orphnage? will tell ya but only in the next chapter....till then have patience like Soe? what say?

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Story about: twins, fake orphan, abandonment

Edited: 12.01.2021

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