Unexpected secret love affair


Mahika reddy is a cute and bubble girl of 21 years old and very innocent she loves her dad more than anyone she can do anything for their family sometimes stubborn too.... Whenever it comes to love she doesn't have any idea of it... She just marries whoever his dad shows  


 "What??? No, no this can't happen aadvika di I m not going to give up and what's the hell with him? Why does he want to marry jaanvi Kapoor?" Mahika reddy shouted and she couldn't tolerate the news which was going on news and all over the social... Aadvika couldn't do anything but worried about Mahika 
   "Mahika I know you have feelings for him but you never confessed to him then what's the problem with that! I know you feel bad but he doesn't even know you," aadvika di held Mahika's palms and said to her  
   "Yeah I couldn't confess my feelings for him but that's not mean I dont love him," her eyes corner tears started to roll down then aadvika give  tissues to wipe her tears  
   "bas apanee donon bahanon ka melodee draama band karo(just stop your both sisters melody drama) stop glancing over that idiot boy and come down your dad is calling you both," her mom saesha reddy said to them 
   "Mom don't scold him he is my favorite actor....main use kisee aur se shaadee karate nahin dekh sakata( I can't see him marrying another)" Mahika told to her mom and she felt annoyed, didn't want to listen to her daughter crazy matters  
   "Ok ok fine now come down," her mom said and left the room aadvika give some more tissues to her  
   "kya aapako lagata hai ki main yahaan maza kar ra(Do you think I was doing fun here)" aadvika give slightly confused yes or no nods that couldn't understand by Mahika 
   "you look very cute while crying take more tissues and cry a lot," aadvika told her and controlled not to laugh at her Mahika glared at her then aadvika ran downstairs Mahika followed her  
   "You!! Aadvika di wait, wait I m gonna kill you," Mahika ran behind her but she didn't catch her while aadvika hide behind her mom Mahika was in front of her mom  
   "Mom move na," Mahika said her mom didn't move  
   "Viraj look, come here na see they both again started fighting each other," as Mahika's father was very strict that they both frightened and kept silent then ran and sat on the couch before their father appears  
   He  is a businessman... he is very caring and loving but whenever he sees his children fight with each other he can't tolerate  
   "Did you both start fight again ----" Before her father says aadvika interrupted and says "papa woo na Mahika was crying," Mahika glare at her sister words now she gonna answer her father's question she got stuck in it  
   "Dad that's not true aadvika di favorite actor was going to marry another so she was crying," aadvika got furious but couldn't say anything she gave an awkward smile then his father didn't say anything he just stare at them.... their father knows all their silly fights aadvika usually make her little sis annoys 
   "Aadvika and Mahika you weren't small children and tomorrow dhruv is coming," they were very excited to know about the matter  
   "Dhruv bhai is coming," they both said in unison  
   "Even their friends were also coming, you both be in your limits and dont do any crazy things," Her father warned them they nods as agreed and aadvika was double happy that dhruv bhai  friends also coming because aadvika had fallen in love with his friend Aditya from her childhood days onwards but she never expressed feelings to him  
   "tumhen kya ho gaya hai ki tumhaaree aankhen chamak rahee thee jo ki kabhee nahin hua(yeh what's happening to you that your eyes were sparkling which that never happened)" Mahika asked her then she give a glare at her and left without answering  

   "Good morning everyone," Aryan Mehra said by descending stairs  
   Aryan Mehra is a businessman 25 years old he is kinda loving and care for other but when it comes to love he loved a girl but she did break so he isn't ready with that he used to flirt with all the girls he doesn't care about anything that others think even he had many cleavages but didn't feel any grim he never took any serious except his work  
   "Good morning beta" his mom Kanika Mehra and father Yashas Mehra everyone greeted back to him  
   "Bhai can you drop me near my university," Maya Mehra his sister asked while eating breakfast  
   "Why?? You have your car na," her mom asked while arya replied, "it's okay mom I will drop her off." 


Edited: 20.06.2022

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