Until I Met You

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Chapter 1


I took a cab from the station to my college hostel which was about 2 km away from my college. After a one-hour ride in traffic, I reached there. It was 6:00 in the evening. I paid the cab and reached the hostel.

I got my key from the warden. My room number was 420. The room number looks a bit funny though. I looked around the hostel. The corridors were empty, only few girls have arrived because there is still one more day for the college to reopen. My room was in the third floor. I reached my room and opened it. The room had four empty cots which means there are still three more to arrive. Four closets and four study tables were there, the room was painted pink and was spacious enough. I liked it. I kept all my baggage under my table and jumped on to the bed. I called my mom and informed her that I reached the hostel and then plugged in my ear phones and slowly dozed off. I suddenly started to sweat and felt like I was falling down from a mountain. I landed with a thud on the floor. The room was dark and scary. There was a power shutdown. I started to sweat profusely and was having trouble breathing. I quickly got up, grabbed my phone and switched on the torch. Immediately I called my go to person. Vetri, my cousin is my best friend. We both know each other inside out. I was speaking with him for a while and started to feel better. After an hour, the lights came back. I checked the time and it was early morning 3:00 AM. I heard my stomach grumble and remembered that I had forgot to have my dinner. I took some chips and started munching while going through some feeds on net.  I have never been alone. My family is a joint family and so I was never left alone. The biggest problem of being alone is that I am afraid of the dark but I love being in my own company. I watched a movie and then slept again. Later in the morning, I took a shower and opened the window screen to enjoy the sun kiss. The view outside was breath-taking. Our room gave us the total view of the college. It was awesome, a huge old building surrounded by nature. The building was old but very well-designed. There were 5 blocks each connected by a bridge. I started to unpack my stuff, arranging them in the closet.

I kept all of my novels in the top and the dresses in the rest of the shelves. I placed an alarm clock, a pen stand and a picture-perfect frame of my family on the study table. I took out a wallpaper and was sticking it on the wall when I heard a knock. I opened the door to find a damn beautiful girl who seemed innocent and was short in height. She was wearing a black colour knee-length dress. "Hi I am Ananya", I said observing her. She pulled me into a tight hug and said "Hey I am Naina, nice to meet you. Hope we enjoy our time."

I helped her to get the luggage in and we started unpacking it. She was quiet and so was I. After putting the things in place, she turned to look around the room and looked at the wallpaper that was half stuck and that's when I realized I haven't completed my work and I stuck it properly. She hugged me from back and shouted "So we are best friends from now ". I was puzzled, we hardly spoke. Reading my expression, she showed me the wallpaper and said I am his fan too. The wallpaper was Mahendra Singh Dhoni's picture with a quote said by him. I turned around in joy and said her, "He is not just a cricketer to me but my inspiration". She said me, “we sail in the same boat" and laughed as if it was the joke of the year and that's how our journey started as friends - best friends.

Harshini Vaskan

Edited: 21.06.2020

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