Venin : An Old Tale

Chapter No 1

It would’ve been hardly 2 to 3 seconds since I had rested my head on the top of bathtub. It was big , suiting for a palace. Evel came rushing in. She was my cousin but more than my cousin she was my best friend and I’ll always be grateful to her for she had helped me in so many ways.

“Congratulations, Athena. You got admission in my college. What is your major? How do you feel about living between humans? Oh my god , did I mention you’d be coming to human’s world? Oh I have so many questions.” She was excited. Evel was three years older than me.

“Oh I hate this human’s world. They are so selfish. But my mother, Malia Calista or should I call her the Queen, won’t let me stay here.” I got up and put my robe on.

“But its in our rules book that every snake has to get education from that world no matter who you are. Even your own mother went there.” Her excitement had now faded.I felt bad as I didn’t want her to get upset because of me.

“I know and she handled it so well. She is the true Queen but if you look at me , I’m so…” I stammered, embarrassed to say it out loud.

“I’m so immature for all this. I can’t handle a damn thing , how am I supposed to handle a whole kingdom?” I didn’t knew what to feel.

“Oh my dear. You’ll get to know everything once you get back.And please now tell me what is your major?” She got excited again.

“Snake Sciences.” I replied in low voice.

“Oh NOOOOOO.” She screamed with happiness.

“What happened? “ My eyes widened at her response.

“You are going to be my junior? “ She was so happy I could see it in her eyes.

“Yes. I know that.” I said in a low voice again.

“You will love it there. Its totally different from here. The food specially the food oh my its amazing. Chocolate melts in your mouth right away and those exotic flavors of literally everything. It will make your heart jump.” Her tone getting higher every second.

“But I cannot stay away from my home.” I got upset.

“Am I not your home?” She raised my head by my chin.

“Yes you are but…”

“I am but you don’t like me?” She cut me off.

“I love you bitch. That’s not what I’m talking about.” I got quiet after this, I had no more words to describe my feelings.

“Its okay. Get ready now. Your mother is waiting for you downstairs.” She left after she uttered those words.

I scrubbed my face hard with my bare hands in order to make myself a little calm. I wore a white button up shirt with blue jeans and black sneakers. I did a high ponytail.I got down in a hurry because mum didn’t like to wait. As I was running down the stairs and I looked around as I was about to leave this palace in a day.

“I’m so sorry mom, I got late actually I was talking to Evel.” I kissed mum on cheeks and sat beside Alec Zane now the official boyfriend of Evel.

“Its okay and ummhmm Athena what are you wearing for God’s sake. You’re a princess , you can’t go out like this. Why don’t you wear the dresses I bought you last week? “ She looked at me with anger in her eyes and smile on her face. She was so composed . That posture was impossible to gain, atleast for me.

“Its okay Mam. In human’s world she won’t have to act like a princess so she can come with us like this.” Evel took my side again.

My mum didn’t reply and we all ate in silence. I got up the second I had my breakfast. I had to pack my bags so that I could leave early with Evel tomorrow.


Mahnoor Khan

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