What Went Missing!!!


"Hi " said a girl in early twenties sitting on a chair in what seems a totally empty room that's not obvious what it is or what she's doing , red short hair , middle height , white complexion "Who am I , I know you want to know but it's not important because this story is not about me , it's about a poor little girl I know , and I'm about to tell you now everything I know about her , you know what they say about the big places and that if something happens in it you may not notice it because it's big , I think this is wrong , in fact it's the small places that no one pays attention to it and believe it or not, but it's the best places to hide secrets in it , trust me I know better than anyone " she continued

"It all started on a rainy day six years ago when a little sweet girl in middle school went missing , her father didn't know what happened to her he was worried like hell , and kept looking for her but in vain the last thing was remembered by is that she was hanging out with her friends and they were planning for their first year in high school and their future you know kids stuff, they were a gang who used to spend lots of times together two girls and a boy a really sweet boy Nicole , Courtney and Mike , they were the nerds of the school and were bullied a lot by the popular cool other gang at that time, those little basterds they really gave them hard time making school to them like living hell , and Nicole had the biggest share why ?" She said while smiling sarcastically "Because one day she decided she had enough and couldn't take all that bad treatment anymore so she went to the principal office and told on them but considering those were the plastics as Lindsey Lohan talked about them in her movie , no one could believe that those little sweet pretty girls could be such cruel and hurt anyone ever " that unknown girl said sarcastically then she remembered something and tears started to appear in her eyes "also one other thing was against Nicole's case , her mother had some dark days before she decided to kill herself years earlier so after all who would believe the daughter of the crazy lady , right?! " she said while tears started to fall so she whipped them off and continued "anyway of course after what happened those mean girls couldn't let it go so they put some drugs in Nicole's locker while she was changing in the closet room making everyone believe she was the a drug dealer , and that she only wanted to make some rumors about those girls to make them look bad instead of telling her secret and she could be the popular girl and get their queen bee boyfriend for herself , how things went so bad and how could the whole school be so stupid to be honest I don't know but I think they made themselves believe it because they were so scared of that b****** , they were really so scary , at the end they were kids , anyway almost every one believed that about Nicole even her best friend Courtney thought about it but not Mike " she smiled with her eyes glowing while mentioning his name "Mike has always believed Nicole and always got her back "

"But it's just some times he didn't know all the things he should get her back for, anyway when she disappeared , he kept looking for her but with no use , but never lost hope , even when he left the town to go to college , he didn't forget about her, how could he? she was his best friend , so he made a pact that every year he'll visit the town on that same day she was gone to think of her and also keep looking , but he never expected that a miracle would happen and that he would see her again one day.


Nicole Bristow 101

Edited: 01.03.2019

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