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When the night arrived.

The audition .

She spinned and drop spreading her legs . Huh! She was panting. The music stop and some people around gave her a round of applause. She was dancing in a dance studio , with a large mirror wall in front. 
Her dance instructor step forward releasing her folded arm and looked at her with a sharp eyes giving a cold aurora . "I can see that you are trying hard Ezekiel but there's something missing in your moves. Actually it's not the moves but it's the flow , you don't gave me the flow I am searching for. Though you pour your heart and soul into your dancing I can't see the emotion your moves needs. Sadly I don't think you have the potential to perform on stage with an idol. This opportunity is not for you. You can try again next time." The instructor said . 
Ezekiel eyes shows teror. She has been trying and working so hard for this audition . Her dream to work with her idol Luisen came crashing by the instructor's word . 
"But yes I can say that you have the potential to continue your career as a dancer but you need to find your emotions in dancing. Dance is all about showing emotion. Which you failed at-
"So you says that I have the potential in me to dance?" Ezekiel interrupted. 
"Yes" the instructor replied. 
"Please select me then! Select me as the dance members who are going to work with Luisen in his new song . Please! .. I - I.. I promise I'll show you the emotion you need in my dance . I'll find that emotion. Please just give me the opportunity!" Ezekiel pleaded... "cause  Iam pretty sure you know that if I find that emotion I'll be the best dancer you ever created." Ezekiel concluded giving a confident smile that please the instructor for confidence was also a part of dancing. 
"I've been training you for years and yes I know what you can do and how far you can go. As you plead I researve the spot for you . You along with our nine dancer will go to star entertainment to work with Luisen as a back dancer . " Instructor words gave Ezekiel a trilling smile . " However" she continued " out of nine of you one will be the main dancer and I don't have that right to choose that one, the choreographer of star entertainment along with some members will make that dicision . So , nine of you have to fight for that spot cause that person  will have the most spotlight and will get a great fame in the future which will help in your dancing career. All the best !"  Instructor said and went away with pretty much confident in her decision.


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Story about: ezekiel, luisen

Edited: 25.10.2022

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