White waters

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Chapter one

Leaving home away from the constant complaining of her mother and the crying of her sibling almost everyday, Lizzy for one is most happy for getting this scholarship in to one of the best schools in London, at least now she can focus solely on studies and not having to run off in search of dinner for the day, at least now can she is but a breadth away in achieving her dreams of graduating in a good school and getting a nice job if she really want to help her ever complaining family.



Lizzy is 17 but she herself knows that the responsibility on her shoulders is like that of a thirty something year old lady but she is not complaining and all she asks id her mother to exercise a little patient for her. Coming from not a stable family she really has a great view at responsibilities, her father works as a night security officer in a firm, while her mother all the same work on people's houses as a helper, her older brother Matt all but smokes and drinks with peer groups and hardly come home at times, her immediate younger sister Cara is fondly interested in boys and changes boyfriend almost every week, while her little baby brother Alex whom she really adores but hadn't started school even at three because of too much expenses happen to be the only one who loves school as much she does and really look forward to starting in one but always throw a tantrum any time their parents came back and said he can't start school yet.



Lizzy had taken it into working a part-time job then for him to be enroll in school but unfortunately after giving her mother all her savings for  his studies only to be told straight in the face that the money will be used for paying the rent ended giving up trying, well that is much about her family problems she thought, she is going to a big school now, a school were majority of them born with a silver spoon and even gold spoon and diamond spoon all attend not her born with a mud spoon, she laughed at her own theory, "well that is that, the scholarship finally came" she said entirely to herself, "time to see what this new school will bring" she sighed, if only she can be interested in boys like Cara, at least that can take her mind off some things for some time but she knew its not possible, Cara is only 15 and she couldn't even count how many boyfriends she already hers whereas her hasn't even had her first kiss yet, not like that bothered her but she sometimes wish she have that special someone, the one that will make feel at home away from home that she can share her mind with "oh well" she thought, its doesn't look as if it's gonna happen anytime soon, but she always dream of meeting that special someone that can match Cara's descriptions of butterflies in her stomach when she is near him or head swoon when he kiss her, she was still in her fantasy dreamland when the bus stopped pulling up at her new school gate, and they it was in broad iron letters " EVERGREEN HIGH SCHOOL, A HOME AWAY FROM HOME WITH MORE LESSONS IMPACTED".


Lizzy got down from the bus and pressed the bell on the huge gate, she waited for like 10 seconds when the gate was opened by a young man with a flashy smile which she assumed was a welcome smile " welcome to Evergreen" he said with still that smile and Lizzy just nodded.


He walked in and she followed while taking a look at her surrounding, the school was beautiful alright she got to admit that, the young man suddenly stopped and Lizzy almost collied in him " this is the reception " he said then turn back and left, Lizzy was left wandering what she was supposed to do while climbing the three stairs that reveals a big glass door.


Lizzy peeked through the door and there was a mid aged woman she could consider beautiful with big shiny brown eyes that matches her brown well combed and packed in ponytail hair, with lips so full than any she has ever seen which kind of remained her of Cara's ex then, what was his name? She was actually finding it difficult to remember all their names. Well that's Cara she thought and pushed the door making the young woman to look up and smiled "ah the new scholarship girl, Elizabeth Mitchell Thompson I'm I right?" She asked and Lizzy just nodded, she couldn't possibly remember the last time her name has been called in full like that.


" is good to finally meet you cause I have really been wandering why the scholarship board will u have transferred to here when you are so near to your graduation, its next year I'm I right?" Lizzy nodded again properly wondering that she might really like those three words I'm I right. "my name is Mrs Diana Wicket or you can call Mrs D that's what most of the student call me, I am the receptionist" said Mrs D and Lizzy only but nodded again obviously she thought, referring to the last comment.


"Well here is your school map and your schedule though the school isn't fully on yet till next week, because of the student are still coming back from their holiday and I think your roommate is back, good to get to know her these few days right?" said Mrs D wondering if the girl is dump since she has done nothing but nod since she came and which again was the answer she still get.


Lizzy signed everything requested from her and also got her dorms number and also the name of her roommate something Ashely Jessica Wingate, a rich kid, Lizzy has got her thing for female rich bratty kids, she would have loved to live alone but duh this is scholarship she has to share or she can leave off campus which she can't even afford. She followed her map and located her dorm, and searched for her dorm number, while seeing it she knocked, but no one answered and she can hear the sound of loud music from the stereo, well what has she expected? Its still the same, rich bratty kids she thought as she knocked again quite harder this time.

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