Who is the bride???

Chapter 1



I just see the beautiful scenery ahead of me. It is of my hometown. It is very beautiful and breathtaking. After waking up from my sleep everytime I come in this mountain to see the scenery. It relaxes my mind. I checked the time in my watch which was gifted by grandmother in my 10th birthday. It was going to be 7 am So, I stood up and dust off all the dirt in my pants and  took my cycle. In a few minutes I reached my home. I don't have my parents they died in a plane crash in which I don't know how I survived as I was 2 years old. My grandmother told me that a lady named Jessica and me were the only survivors in that plane crash. I have lived with my grandmother since 22 years.  I love my grandmother very dearly. We are not rich I would rather say we are poor. My grandmother owns a small restaurant and I also work with her. I have graduated from the university last year majoring in business. After finishing I have helped my grandmother since last year. I have a very good fighting skills as I have black belt in Karate. I went inside the small restaurant after parking the cycle.

"Grandma I am here. " I said keeping the cycle keys in the counter. " Oh you came let's start you go fishing and bring some fish there is lack of fish" my grandmother said in which I replied ok and took the keys off the counter and head towards river. I forgot to mention that I am quite gifted in many fields. So, I don't have many friends because I don't like stupid friends and true are  very rare to find. I  hate bullying kids so I used to beat those bullies to the core so you can say I was a "don" in my college and everyone avoided me so I also did the same. 

Indeed my inner voice said and I scream " Indeed " with my inner voice. 

As I completed fishing and I was going to run towards the restaurant. I noticed a woman who was crying hysterically. I went near her to console and stop crying but instead she started screaming " I want to die" repeatedly. As I was just consoling her she started screaming an running towards the water I stopped her. Then she started sniffing me " You are so dirty" she said .

Oh yes after finishing fishing you want smell like roses. I muttered inwardly. 

Later I found that she was in a relationship and her boyfriend cheated her with her sister. So cliche I thought inwardly. 

After nearly one hour of crying she looked towards me and I saw a huge lines of golden in her eyeballs and hair I was surprised how the black turned into golden. After moving my head from.left to right I see that it  turned into black again and I dismissed it as it was my imagination only. 

" You know you are a very good soul  you helped me from dying and you consoled me I want you to give this as a gift it will bring luck" that lady said and handed me a bracelet of I don't know 12 century. It was freaking old. As I was just staring at a bracelet I noticed that she is no longer here and she is gone. Wow so fast I took the bracket in my hand and screamed thanku to particularly nobody. 

I reached the restaurant then we started serving the customers. The day went as usual. After closing the restaurant we went to our room. Dinner has already been so we were watching Television. As I peek at the television she was watching some sports. I don't know but she is very interested in sports and me too.

I love sports

After watching sports she dozed off. I saw that sport she was watching was was football and Real Madrid won by 2 goals. Oh after finishing she slept. I thought inwardly. After closing the lights and seeing that grandmother was sleeping peacefully in bed I kissed her cheeks and went in my room. I was equally tired so I slept hoping tomorrow will bring new happiness. 

" Wake up u bitch lia wake up " I heard screaming and I jolt awake because of my grandmother yelling.

Well I forget to tell you that she's my best friend and screaming curses towards me is no problem but if she heard someone screaming curses towards her she will not all tolerate it. 

So I woke and ran in my bathroom to do morning business. After finishing, I checked the time, it was half past seven. I went to meet my grandmother downstairs. I saw that she was preparing breakfast. I went near and sat on the chair facing grandmother. 

"I have to go and take out the money from Serena grandmother" i said her. " Okay be safe" I heard her reply joined by the coughs. My grandmother is suffering from Tuberculosis so if not treated she could be....   I don't want to think about it. 

I straight went directly to Serena's place to take back money for grandmother treatment. When I went near her place there were crowd of people showing different emotions some were crying,some were showing anger. When I looked at the house I noticed that it was burned no sign of finding a corpse that means my money no no 

"No" I yelled i need that money for her treatment where would that bitch go. Ugh God why... I thought as tears fall from my eyes like river. 

After some I look down and see that people already have left. I don't know where to go? What to do? How will I treat grandmother now. That was the last thing I thought after I fell into deep slumber.



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