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Who's that guy?

Chapter 1


A girl her name is "Dhana". She have a nice family, the family members Loves her alot. She went to other state to complete her studies for ten years. She had completed her studies and she returns to her  home, she missed her family alot. And she decided to stay with her family and she was happily spending her time with her family members. 

After few months dhana friends came to her home. They said to dhana that "dhana shall we go for trip. You came here after ten years". dhana was thinking what should to do. And later she said okay to her friends, and she was not happy with her friends idea, because she don't want to miss even a minute to spend with her family. And also she don't want to disappoint her friends. So she said okay to them.

Dhana went near her father and she told him about trip. Her father refused about her trip. Dhana decided not to force her father and she said to her father that "dad it's okay I won't go for trip". 

She informed to her friends that her father was not okay about trip. Later she went to sleep....

She went near to her father and she asked permission to go to trip along with her friends. But her father doesn't agree, he feel tense " if they go to tour if something will happen what should we do". Dhana was sad and she went into her bedroom, she doesn't talk to her parents properly.

After few days her father was changed his decision and he agree to send Dhana. But her father is not happy on that decision.

So finally Dhana and her friends had went to their tour for 1 week. Her friends name is "Lakshmi " and "padhu" . They are going in a car. Along with them a driver.

They have enjoyed alot and also they drink 🍸. After completion of 5 days they are coming back to their places, but while coming to their home. Before that they had stopped the car in middle of the road and beside the road their is a playground.

Padhu and Lakshmi get down the car and they said to dhana "we are going to drink some water". Dhana and driver was waiting near the car for her friends.

Dhana was watching mobile and driver was went into deep sleep. After 30 mins dhana was seen the time and she went to see her friends , but suddenly so many cars has came into a playground.

Dhana was thinking "what's happening here, why so many cars has came".

A mam was came into the car, his name is "sidhu". And another girl her name is " priya", she is sidhu close friend. And also so many people's have came. Dhana has seen those all people's, and immediately she run near to her friends.

Sidhu came near to dhana and he said that " I came here because of you dhana". Dhana was shocked because she never seen that person. So she run away.

Lakshmi and padhu both are in one room, dhana was knocking the door. And she said that "So many people had came here Lakshmi please open the door".

Lakshmi had said the "will you wait for five minutes we are coming ", so dhana is waiting infront of door for her friends.

The people's who had came came with sidhu, they all are play football game in playground. And sidhu suddenly came near to dhana, while seeing sidhu dhana feel tension and fears 😨 and starts crying 😢.....

Sidhu was laughing 😃 by seeing dhana cry, and then sidhu was feel that he likes dhana. Sidhu decided to say that he likes dhana to priya.

Sidhu came near dhana and he said " you looks so cute dhana", dhana was shocked why he is saying like this. So dhana ask sidhu " you came here to kill me right?"

Sidhu says "NO" and he says we came here for playing. Dhana feel relief and then he get angry 😠 on sidhu. After seeing dhana face sidhu ran away, dhana was following sidhu.

After few minutes Lakshmi and padhu came out and they are shocked after seeing all those peoples and they are thinking that " what dhana said for us is true ", both Lakshmi and padhu was searching for Dhana.

They are thinking that " Is something happens to dhana"... and finally they saw dhana. And she was running to catch sidhu.

Finally dhana catches sidhu shirt, but priya came and she was helping sidhu.. and priya said to dhana that " sidhu likes you dhana " that's the reason why he did all this.

Dhana was confused after listening the priya words, and then she left the sidhu hands. And she was thinking about this. Till now dhana even didn't see the sidhu's face.

After listening the priya words dhana want to see the sidhu face and she was searching for sidhu. She saw the sidhu but she can't see sidhu face. What the reason?

All the people who are playing in the ground and priya , they all are suddenly disappeared. Dhana wants to close her and recall everything thing and she open her eyes. After opening her eyes she is in her home, she was confused what's happen. And she asked her father "why am i here, i went to tour with my friends right?".

Dhana father said that " what happened to you dhana, you had slept entire a day. You didn't went to tour". After listening her father's words dhana was thinking about sidhu and her friends.

Then dhana went to bath after that dhana was called to her friends and she said to her friends about her dream and they decided to search for sidhu.

Is sidhu really on this world ?

Dhana was getting ready to search for sidhu . Few months had completed but sidhu had not found. The reason why he not found means " it's a dream ".

Finally dhana was realized that " the people who are came in dream they are not present in world ". After few days dhana was continued her daily life.

But till now dhana is waiting for sidhu..




Hello guys,
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