Without You


Sasha Robertson remembered the night after graduation she had gone partying with her friends at a college mate’s mansion. His name was Rian Liam. He was a rich kid and the playboy of campus. Sasha had a crush on him for the past four years but he never noticed her because she was after all a plain gem while he went for the sparkling ones.

Her parents had allowed her to go on the condition that she be responsible enough to not engage in anything that could bring shame to them.


He saw her as she came chatting with her friends she looked breathtaking with her black strapless high low dress and matching black stilettos and her hair worn down in waves made her look like an angel. He had noticed how beautiful she was before but today she was simply heavenly.

He had never tried to woo her due to her simple nature but deep down he had wanted her but refrain himself due to his bad boy reputation.

Before anyone could claim her, he decided to ask her for a dance, she smiled as she accepted his hand. They danced for a while then she excused herself and went to the table where her friends were busy drowning themselves in beer.

Sasha felt herself trembling from where Rian had touched her while they danced. To calm herself down she gulped down the beer in front of her, she had never drank in her entire life but today she threw caution to the winds and drowned a glass after the other.

She felt dizzy as she ascended the stairs to one of the rooms with the intention of finding a restroom to ease herself but when she saw the bed she completely forgot where she was and started taking off her clothes in her drunken state she thought she was in her bedroom and getting ready for bed.

Rian saw her entering his bedroom and followed her he didn’t expect to find her in her birth suit. Where he stood at the door he could not hold himself together from wha he saw, all night he had been toturing himself with the thoughts of her in his bed and now there she was NAKED.

“Oh man! This girl is so tempting,” he swore as he covered the distance between them. He hugged her from behind.

Sasha felt his hands around her waist but instead of panicking she felt pleasure. Her skinned burnt where he touched her. She turned to face him and their lips met she felt more relaxed when she saw that it was Rian. They kissed passionately as their bodies danced to the tune of their passion. She felt her knees melting as she savored in the taste of his lips, he tasted like honey and all sweet things she had ever tasted.

She could not hold still as he extended his kisses to her neck then between her breasts. She moaned against him as he kissed and teased her with his expert tongue he then moved to the core of her desire. He played with it using his hand as he returned to her lips. She begged him to take her.

He continued kissing her as he hurriedly removed his own clothes. He laid her down on his bed as he descended on her but held still as he hit something inside her.

He looked shocked as he realized what it was. “Oh shit, you are a virgin?” he asked as he tried to withdraw but Sasha had reached the point of no return as she held him back.

“Please don’t stop, she begged him as tears ran down her cheeks.

That was all Rian needed to hear to make him go totally insane.



That was the sweetest and most erotic dream she’d ever had, and it felt so real, Sasha thought as she opened her eyes. Her body felt very sore and tired, perhaps from the party.

“Oh wait! What happened at the party? How did I get…,” She opened her eyes wide as a weight shifted beside her.

“What the…” she broke as realization dawned on he,r it was never a dream. She had done the forbidden.

Rian woke when he heard her sob, he had a smile plastered on his face but immediately froze when he saw the state that Sasha was.

“What’s wrong gorgeous, why are you crying? Please don’t…”

“How do you expect me not to Rian? This should never have happen. All this time I’ve kept myself chaste, promising to wait till marriage but it’s all gone in an instant.”

Rian listened to her outburst as tears ran down her cheeks, he felt guilt creeping inside of him. She was drunk but he was sane enough he should have stopped it but he was too selfish then. He moved closer and hugged her caressing her back trying to sooth her.

“I am so sorry for taking that dream away from you, but if you let me I’ll be glad to treasure you for you have given me something so valuable that I can never return. Let me be by your side and see where this will lead us. I have never told you this before but I like you and never meant to hurt you.” He sighed, “if you are not ready I won’t pressurize you. But I am taking full responsibility for whatever happened here today.”

She hugged him, mumbling a soft thank you.


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