Wrong man, right kiss


As the light illuminated the house, I slowly veered in donning a beautiful gown.


Beside was Mr. Alvin Leon Fisher, my boss, we looked like the perfect couple, or maybe we can be if only Leon decides to look at me with those loving eyes. 


"Hello Mr. Alvin"


I contemplated silently, as he greets and welcomes guests to the party, the  50th anniversary of the company.


Like a sick puppy in love, I kept smiling, therefore didn't know when a hand snatches me out of the party and into a secluded spot.


It was opaque so I could not see who It was, maybe it was Alvin? I mumbled, not quite sure of my answer.  The strange man, I couldn't see, didn't alter a word to me, instead he pins my hands to the wall, quietly gazing at me. 


The situation got to a point, I had to inquire, "who are you?' I tried to catch even a slight glimpse of him but instead, he let go of me and dashed away in a hurry.


" Tori, why are you here?". 


Not quite long, I whirled and saw Alvin standing behind, he cleans of a  stain from his suit, in an instant, I noticed a lipstick stain,  I carefully attempted to take a closer look at it and the moment I did, I veered back in shock."Alvin was the strange man who dragged me to the side?" I mouthed to myself.


Alvin growled me back, when he saw I got lost in my thoughts, I lifted my head shooting a warm smile. 


"Are you okay?" He asked in novelty, while I nodded my head in accordance to his question.


"I am fine! Please excuse me!. I walked away and headed straight to the bar area.


" vodka my kind sir!". I said to the bartender, as he fills up my order.


"Here you go! Miss tori!" He said shooting a smile. "Thanks, lee" I responded as I gulped down the whole cup in a shot.


I drank so many shots to an instant I became tipsy, I staggered my way to the center of the room,  alongside the rest of the guests who paraded but stopped the second they noticed my presence. 


They ogled me to dance but Alvin wasn't pleased with it"what the hell is she doing?". He wears an uneasy look on his face, and before he decides to stop me from further humiliating myself, the light went off. 


The music stopped fiddling and everywhere blackened, I still couldn't Phantom what was happening, the alcohol still had its effect on me.


"Tori let's go!".


A hand pulls me away from there, although it was dark and I had no idea where I was being taken but the softness of the stranger's palm and its broad shoulders gave it away that it was Alvin.


We held a touch light, as we walked upstairs and into a room, " here we are! Rest and I'll be back as soon as the lights are on!".


He heaves my hands away and attempted to leave,  shortly he stopped to notice I held his shirt, recouping his eyes back to me.


"Tori! I can't leave if you keep holding unto me!" He announces lovingly, the voice sounded like Alvin but had to inquire to be sure, "Alvin is that you?".  I asked but it took some time to get a response, " hmm!" He gave a sign heaving my hands away from his suit.


He recoups his feet away but tripped over hurling me down as well.


The torchlight fell to the other direction, blocking out any possibility to see the face of the man I reckon  he was. 


Our lips were just an inch closer, he motioned me to get up, which I tried too but rather a strain of my hair got tied to his shirt. "My hair!" He veered down and noticed it as well. "Urgh! Let me"  he removes my hair nudging me off but this time, I dragged him as well, as he fell on me, leaving a kiss on my lips, that felt like a fireworks array, shortly the light switched on, finally seeing the face of the man, I believed it was, "you? What the hell?".  


In a haste, I pulled him away, as he looked on wearing a weak smile on, " what? Did think it was my brother".  A nasty look pins around his devious-looking face when Alvin walked into the room.


"David! Bro! What are you doing here?" 


Alvin moves his eyes a little further, as he noticed my presence there, "tori, you are here?" He says ambling closer and noted the tensed look on my face.


"Is everything okay?".  He inquires idling to hear our response, in return, I walked out of the room aggregated which made him noticed something was wrong.


Alvin recoups his eyes back to his brother, raising the same question, thus, David changes the   whole scenario by asking his question, " why are you here bro?' 


It felt like both brothers played tug of war, none wanted to retort the answers to their questions, not quite long Alvin's attention was needed back at the party as he walks away leaving his brother alone in the room.


I was so mad at myself for firstly getting intoxicated and secondly making a fool of myself in front of Alvin's annoying older brother. Yes! Older brother, David fisher, is someone that we can call a rebel, David barely got along with his father, they wanted him to take over their family business but as we all know it, David wanted to be a photographer and not take any part of his fathers business, the decision made his father not only disown him but also handed over the family fortune to his younger brother, who by the way, is doing well managing his fathers business.


I buffed out a relived whiff outside the house, the calmness of the atmosphere seems to have flushed out the anger I felt, apparently it returned when a voice let out behind me.


"Hmm! Alone with your thought?"   David's footsteps, moved closer, whirling  my attention, "hmm! Didn't know you cared?" I said  folding my arms together. 

Sonita Olise

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