Xavier's Shamma:the legend of Luyota


Hello! Thank you for giving my story a chance and i hope you will enjoy it! A few quick notes before we proceed!

>>First of all this is the unedited version of the book so do expect a few errors here and there

>>Xavier's Shamma is complete fiction from the writer's imagination so any resemblance to any movie or novel is completely coincidental

>>All rights reserved...ISBN》978-1-77925432-0. This work is legally protected hence no part of this book may be reused or reproduced in any manner.

>>This book is complete fantasy and contains some paranormal stuff but it's a good one so enjoy it!

>I am learning and trying to sharpen my writing skills so if you could keep me going by not being silent and atleast saying something about the story. Like, follow and comment so that i know if you are enjoying the story

Otherwise, let's have fun with Xavier and Sham, and don't forget to leave a comment it would really make me happy so without further ado I give you...Xavier's Shamma...xoxo❤Happy reading!


Edited: 02.12.2020

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