You and Me

Chapter 1

"Ok, explain it to me again." I asked carrying a blanket to the couch. I settled down next to Macos, my best friend. It was Friday night and we were having our first sleepover in months.

"I'm only saying this one more time May. Brittney, our High school bully is dating Zack King, the nerd." He explained pulling the cover over himself.

I laughed. "I cannot believe it! Ok, maybe I can but the question is... how did this happen?"

"That's what everyone is trying to find out."

"I knew there was something going on when she didn't complain about doing a project with him our last term at school." I said with a huff.

"You know, I noticed that too but I just thought she wanted better grades."

"That's exactly what I thought but then their third time of being paired together without complaints seemed suspicous." 

"Wish I had seen it sooner. It would've been even more fun if the rumour spread before graduation." Macos said with a sigh and turned his attention to the tv.

I took the time to study him. Short curly brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, slight stubble and tan skin. He looked perfect, like he always did but I could see through all that. His eyes had bags under them and his body seemed so drained. I pushed some of my black curly hair into the bun I tried to stuff it in.

"When was the last time you had a nice long nap or a relaxing bath for that matter?" I asked Macos softly. He sighed and his body seemed to sink further into the couch.

"I've not been able to get my mind settled since the whole... Leonard thing." He mumbled sadly.

Macos was Spanish and gay. His boyfriend, Leonard was a really nice guy. Macos came out to his family a few weeks after graduation and they surprisingly took it well. He and Leonard had arranged for him to move into his apartment. Leonard was a fresh Business graduate and had a job already and things were going great until he got into a car accident. Macos stayed with me for a few days and visited Leonard in the hospital whenever he could. Leonard got discharged from the hospital a few weeks ago and Macos had been taking good care of him, never leaving his side. 

That is until Leonard forced him to come visit me today.

I run a hand through Macos' hair and he laid his head on my chest. "You know, I never really did like your mom after she chased me from your house with a wooden spoon." I said randomly and Macos chuckled.

"And I didn't like your mom after she chased me with a slipper." Macos said.

"It wasn't my fault! I told you she would! You're lucky she likes you."

"You sure because the last time I checked, her liking me means I get to help whenever I went over to your place."

"It's how we show our love dude."

"Well I don't want it." Macos said and I rolled my eyes. We watched tv and talked for hours until Macos had to go home. I'm sure he would have a heart attack if he didn't go home to Leonard soon.

I stretched and got ready for bed. My phone rung as I was brushing my teeth and I picked it up.

"Hewo?" I asked through the foam in my mouth.

"May dear, how are you?" I spat in the sink.

"Mom. I'm good. How are you and dad?"

"We're good. Holding up. Feels so weird without you home."

"I know mom but I had to leave, you know that. The college is closer now, I can fend for myself you know." I said rinsing my mouth and grabbing my phone. I walked to the bedroom with it on my ear.

"Yes dear I know. You're so grown. Just nineteen years ago I was in a hospital bed holding your tiny form in my hands." My mom said with a happy sigh.

I removed the stuff in my bed and peeled back my white sheets. "Well mom, I'd love to talk but I'm sure you have patients waiting of you. Tell dad I said hi."

"He's in an operation right now but I will darling. Stay safe. Love you."

"Love you too mom." I said and cut the call. My stomach grumbled and I got up, walked to my kitchen and got a bottle of water from the fridge.

I chugged down the cool refreshing liquid but it didn't satisfy me. I had just eaten but I was still hungry for something, anything. Since I had just moved into my new house two weeks ago, I hadn't gotten the chance to properly buy food.

Unpacking was my number one priority and thank God I got that done. I opened my nearly empty fridge in search for something to stop my grumbling stomach. I decided to just make some PB and J sandwiches. I grabbed the ingredients and set them on the counter.

I hummed a song as I spread the jam and peanut butter. I placed the dirty utensils in the sink and cleaned up my workspace. I grabbed my plate and sat at the counter. I looked down at my sandwiches. This was all I needed, peace, quiet and food.

Before I could sink my teeth into a sandwich, there was a loud boom outside. The ground shook with its force and my heart skipped a beat. It only lasted for a second then there was silence. I grabbed a robe, putting it over my 5'10 frame and walked outside, forgetting my sandwiches.

I shivered as the cold night air chilled my brown skin, causing goosebumps to rise. When I looked around, my other neighbours had come out too. They all looked around confused and children used that time to start playing.

"Everybody please go back to your homes! We just have a problem at the factory! Nothing to worry about!" A police officer shouted.

I found that hard to believe. What kind of problems would a small town like Mazadora have moreover at this time of the night? Something's not right. I stayed outside for a while as people listened and went back home. The officer was helping them and when we made eye contact, he raised and eyebrow at me and I rolled my eyes. Turning on my heel, I entered the house, locking the door behind me.

Melissa N

Edited: 06.04.2021

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