You belong to me...and the kids

Chapter 1

Samantha was finally done with college and she was not happy at all. First she had to see her father everyday, who was  constantly reminding her of how his friend's daughter got married right after college. That it was high time she got married too instead of wasting time in that restaurant she was working at.


Second she had to deal with the fact that she might never work in the area that she studied for in college. All because of an unfortunate encounter with a spoiled brat who thought everything was and everyone should do as he pleased.


Third they were in so much debt it was suffocating for Sammy. The fact that it was said that all that money went into putting her through school was just a joke because she knew exactly how much she got from home each semester. Which wasn't much at all.


This morning started as any other but today her father seemed even more upset than usual and she soon found out why. Her mother had told her father what she had share with her in private.


“ Samantha?” her father called her with his serious voice.


“Yes father.” Samantha lowered her head because she knew that she would have to listen to him talk and scold her for the next hour. She had to wait patiently and let him say what he wanted to say.


Since this was an everyday thing, she had already gotten ready for work, minus eating this morning because her father was already waiting for her when she came out of her bedroom.


“Samantha I had the most strange thing from your mother this morning and I would like to confirm it with you. Did you really date a rich spoiled brat in college, like your mother said?”


So this is what has him so upset more than usual. Samantha thought to herself.


“Yes father, I did.”she simply replied.


“And because you broke up with him and wounded his ego, he got so angry that he's still doing everything he can to stop you from getting a job?” asked her father again.


“Yes father.”


“What did you do to make this rich boy angry?”


“I only refused to sleep with him.”


“Hmm I see.” he paused as if thinking for a bit then said, “You should go apologise to him and beg him to take you back.”


“No I'm not doing that.” Samantha said simply as she already knew what her father was thinking. She knew it the moment he said 'rich boy' instead of 'rich spoiled brat' like her mom called him. She wasn't all that surprised that her mom told her dad. Her mom wasn't the best confidant when it came to keeping secrets from her father. Her mom, sometimes, spilled her thoughts when she's angry or excited. But no matter what her father had to say she was not going to beg that egotistic spoiled brat to take her back. Especially because he was doing it to get her attention so that he can get her to apologise for refusing to sleep with him.


“You will go and apologize today Samantha.” her father seemed getting even more upset.


“Before you get all woke up about all this rich boy talk let me tell you that he's like that because I'm probably the only girl on campus that he didn't sleep with. So he's doing this not out of love or anything decent but because everyone knew that I refused him and he didn't like that. The fact that I'm not going to beg him even when I know it's him who's doing this to me means that I don't care. It's not going to kill me so I'm not going to give in to his threats. As you know you are not the only one who's stubborn in this family. I meant it when I said no, I'm not doing that. Have a good day father.” Samantha left as fast as she could before her father can stop her.


As someone who was used to being on her feet all day plus walking until she could get a motorbike to get her to work. Which some times took a very long walk before she can see a bike man in her ghetto neighborhood so early in the morning.


She was pretty fit so she could move so fast that even 59 year old father knew he could never catch up. Sammy had the right amount of flesh all in the right places. She was dark  with skin so flawless it looked like chocolate. Her hair was so curly with an untamable look to it that she had given up trying to fix long ago. She was what they would call an African Queen. But this Queen had no idea if how good she could look only if she tried dressing up in clothes that fit her body. Not the oversized old woman look she was always pulling off.


All she had to do was put on clothes that fit but she wasn't doing that anytime soon. Not after that spoiled brat got her attention and showed his true intentions. He totally ruined her faith in man.


Sammy got to work early because the talk wasn't so long. She really didn't want to say anything and let her father say what he wanted to say until he was done but she just couldn't let him tell her to go beg him to take her back as if she did anything wrong by refusing him. She was so upset that her father even suggest it.


It was another day at work for Sammy and she was trying her best not to linger too much on the table with kids today. She didn't want her manager to scold her again because she was playing with kids. She was really trying, until a woman left her kids unattended and went outside the restaurant. Sammy just couldn't believe that she just left the little baby crying with the big brother who was around seven or eight old trying to calm the baby down. It was such a sad picture. She was busy talking herself out of going to the little boy and his little baby when she heard,


“Just go. What's the use of trying to talk yourself out of something you will end up doing anyway.”


“Yes, you are right. My heart hurts a lot. I have to go and do something.” she left without looking at the person she just spoke to at all.


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