You Got This


'The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.'


No matter how hard life can get there is always one true fact about it. After a storm always comes a rainbow.

We need to enjoy every single nano second of our life because somewhere in this world somebody else is wishing to have what we have at that same moment….. life. While we complain about our lives, somebody else wishes to have it. While we take our first breath in the day, someone else is breathing their last.

We only die once but we live every day. We can never correct the mistakes we made in the past but we can surely fix our future. Past can only be visited by our thoughts but can never be interrupted or be changed. It's already a chapter published.

Let us learn to appreciate what we have rather than complain with what we don't have.

Life is the greatest blessing someone can ever have. Be thankful for it.

The Fallen Angel

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Story about: inspiration, encouragement, hope

Edited: 20.04.2021

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