Your Highness! I Would Like To Live

Chapter 1

“Joy RIder, the youngest martial Arts Athlete has won yet another international gold medal for the country...Joy has succeeded in becoming the most admired woman and most idolized personality of the century…”


On the television screen, a news reporter spoke with a proud voice. In his background, there was a sea of youth holding banners and cheering at the top of their voices. They were waiting for the pride of the nation to appear.


“See, I told you she was going to be successful!” A woman with long slender fingers pressed the red button of the remote controller and the television screen blackened. 


The woman was a fair beauty with dark hair that was no longer than her shoulder. She wore deep red lipstick and a sharp winged eyeliner. She clicked her tongue and turned around.

 A guy laying on a white hospital bed, his face was covered with an oxygen mask while his head was wrapped in a white bandage. The monitor beside his bed showed a green line that faintly moved up and down.

“I see you are proud of your sister…” she sat beside the guy who seemed as if he was in his early twenties. “Sadly, she decided to leave the company...You know what she said to me before the fight?”

The woman glanced at the body as if she was expecting him to ask her, but the only thing she saw was the fog appearing on the mask showing his steady breath. 

“Before her last fight, She said she was going to cancel the contract and take care of you from now on…” her voice became hoarse when she said those words, she was annoyed, so she got up and paced around for a moment trying to wrap her mind around something.

“I know right! You too think she is speaking complete nonsense right?!” THe woman spoke like a retard person. She bit her nails and glanced down at her phone where she had received a message. In a blink of an eye her face changed and a creepy smile decorated her face.

“And you know what I told her?”  She slowly lifted her head and looked at the guy. “ I told her she will be meeting her brother after she has won the match, And she will stay by his side forever and ever.” Her words became clear when she finally reached the bedside, “ANd you know I keep my promises well so...Go meet your sister,” The woman’s hand hovered over the guy’s face and clenched the oxygen mask in her hand tightly before she pulled it away mercilessly.


“If Joy refuses to make me money when she is alive! I will use her death to make myself a profit.” She chuckled coldly. The guy who lied motionlessly a while ago twitched painfully. The green lines on the monitor showed odd movements and after a few painful moments the line went straight and the guy’s pain ended, as he went into a deep slumber.


“I had a great time working with your family, Mr.Rider” 




“Your Majesty, The caravan from Kingdom Ridavell has arrived at the castle. They have assorted the princess.” A man in a long grey cloak spoke with respect, his head hung low, he didn't dare look directly into the king’s aqua blue eyes that held a serious expression.


“They ask for an audience,” he added. 


The Emperor of Ohaeria was known for his youthful face and a cold personality, He had Golden hair that was no different than strands of gold itself and a pair of deep aqua eyes that could drown one to death, Though he was in his early forties he looked very youthful and heart-wrenchingly handsome. But that didn’t make it easy for everyone to approach him, numerous ladies threw themselves at him but couldn’t gain his favor, He was a cruel man with a ruthless heart.


“Bring her in,” Said the Emperor in a deep grave voice. making the man in the cloak shudder. Under the Emperor’s penetrating gaze the guy walked out of the throne room. It wasn’t long before the door of the room opened once more and the guy in the cloak stepped in, he was followed by three people. Just before the stairs of the throne the guy in the cloak stopped and cleared his throat before speaking. 


“The princess of the East, The light of the KIngdom of Ridavell has arrived.”


After saying those words he stepped away, clearing the path for the people behind him.


A girl stepped forwards, She had long black hair that reached her knees, and a clear white skin complimenting her red eyes, Which looked like fully bloomed roses. Her appearance was breathtaking as she was a rare beauty.  Dark black hair was not a common sight in either of the kingdoms. And so were the glass-like clear eyes that absorbed all the light that struck it. She gently bowed and spoke in a very sweet and comforting voice. 


“Your Imperial HIghness, I am Arcane Lachtara, Daughter of Duke Jackal Somerset and the third princess of Ridawell.” 

Her layered gown puffed up as she bent her knees and her straight long hair fell on her shoulder making a thick curtain on her cheek. 


The Emperor stared at the delicate girl with a serious gaze and after a few moments lifted his hand as if telling her to rise. So she did and stood up straight while keeping her eyes low.

“You must be tired after the long journey…” His voice had no emotion in it, it was just a deep plain voice that would induce fear into people’s hearts. 


“Thank you for your concern I will surely send a good word to the Imperial Father (The king of Ridavell)” HEr snow-white teeth showed through her red lips that made her look like a fairy.

“I am pleased to hear that.” He said, looking down at her eyes, “The empress is not well so you can meet her another time, For now, my chancellor will lead you to your Palace,” 


“Thank You once again, Your Majesty,” She bowed her head again.


The chancellor led Arcane and her two attendants to the Hortus Palace, Just like its name Hortus that meant “Orchards' ', The palace was built amid fruit orchards. Every type of fruit that could grow in The Kingdom of Ohaeria was found there. The Palace was like a rest house for the Kings and Queens Or the Envoys of other countries, And the Emperor had built it like that to brag about how great his Kingdom was. 

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion)

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