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Ria Summer



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Park Seri
04.03.2023, 12:41:14

Can we support each other?

Rida Shoukat
21.02.2023, 10:32:50

I'm a emerging writer on this platform and I happen to notice you are also ew here.
How about supporting each other by following and give shotout on each other work?
It would be of great help for letting our presence reach to a large audience.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

05.02.2023, 09:37:52

Hi, can I invite you to read my book? Thank you!

Fantasia Swan
04.02.2023, 04:49:24

Hey dear ! Please check out my new book ," Be, my Valentine . I am participating in the contest . Your support may be helpful for me !

Barnali Mondal
18.01.2023, 18:46:25

Hello Ria where is your 3rd book?

Mira Matic
14.01.2023, 00:53:26

Hey Ria this Stefan Petrovic has some Balkan vibe :) Nice :)

Ria Summer
14.01.2023, 19:04:17

Mira Matic, Thank you so much!

Vina Arie
31.12.2022, 11:17:51

followed you, now your turn :*

Vina Arie
02.01.2023, 01:49:59

Ria Summer, thanks alot, dear. it means alot to me *hugs*

Saumya Tripathi
28.12.2022, 16:12:27

Hello, my precious reader!

I am stopping by just to show you my gratitude towards you adding my story to your library and giving my profile a follow. I cannot thank you enough to have given this story a chance. Hopefully, you would be sharing your opinion with me on it as well. If yes, I would be the happiest to know!

Thank you!
Your author,

Saumya Tripathi
28.12.2022, 16:11:16

Comment has been deleted

26.12.2022, 11:29:18

Follow for Follow?

Ria Summer
26.12.2022, 16:08:18

Aimee, Done, thanks

Dorsona Basum
16.12.2022, 14:07:14

Ria sounds so much better ...

Ria Summer
16.12.2022, 13:09:36

Dorsona Basum, thanks!

Roja Hos
16.12.2022, 13:41:28

I removed my books from this account. Please do follow my new account Grace N. And i am running more stories there. So please do follow me. You gonna love my new books.

Ria Summer
16.12.2022, 13:09:14

Roja Hos, sure!

Dorsona Basum
16.12.2022, 03:59:06

hi love , thnx for the love and support ...
sorry I wont call you Revenge ,
it's love from my side ... okay

Ria Summer
16.12.2022, 03:20:40

Dorsona Basum, you're welcome and thank you also for likes and follow

Michelle Zeah
07.12.2022, 01:10:03

Hey I have followed your account will you do the same?

Ria Summer
15.12.2022, 16:05:08

Michelle Zeah, done

Jessica Anthony
15.12.2022, 16:44:34

You create amazing stories , keep it up :-)

Ria Summer
15.12.2022, 15:49:18

Jessica Anthony, thank you so much for likes and follow

05.12.2022, 20:24:22

Hey there, I just followed you.

Ria Summer
06.12.2022, 00:38:24

Xephyr, thanks!

Palos Verdes
05.12.2022, 08:05:16

Hello dear, hope you are doing good... Just wanted to hop in here and say THANK YOU for following me. Means aload to me. I would love to hear your thoughts about my stories ❤️

Ria Summer
05.12.2022, 09:28:37

Palos Verdes, alright

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