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Riya 11.11.2020, 07:01:21

Mam though i am new on book net. I can't understand how do I mark my book as complete. I can't find the option. It will be very kind if you told me the possesses. I even watched the video tutorial but I can't understand anything.

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S. N. Nina Arthur 09.12.2020, 10:02:32

Riya, Hello I'm Nina Arthur, I would like to invite you to Booknet Promos, an unofficial group on facebook, where you can self promote your books and makes posts and also clarify your doubts.

Thank you.
Nina Arthur.

Marilyn Lucero 09.11.2020, 01:29:27

Thanks for following me. Now following you back

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Marilyn Lucero 09.11.2020, 07:10:54

Riya , you're welcome.

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