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Sarah Schrewelius



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31.03.2023, 00:38:18

Hi darling!
I hope I am not bothering you.
Recently I have published a new dark romance book "Forgiveness No Punishment".
A story that follow the struggles through redemption of our ML Sinbad as try to earn the forgiveness and win the heart of Sibel.
I hope I see you there soon.
Have a wonderful day!

Ann G
02.12.2022, 23:38:26

Hi! Would you give my series a chance?
THE LAND BELOW OUR FEET is quite different from the usual storyline here, totally FREE, steamy, it has two whole completed books and a third one in progress!
My other series: CRASHING AND BURNING is contemporary romance, also steamy and it has four books as well... They are all FREE!

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