Posted: 09.07.20, 19:59:41

Dear readers, I am sorry for the delay. I wrote this chapter over and over until I was happy with what I wrote.  If you have not read Ulvarg yet, I would advise you to read the first 5 chapters atleast, to understand what will be happening from now on. The next 1 or 3 chapters will follow Ulvarg during the events before his departure with his wife and Igor. So for you asking questions, it will Read more...

Posted: 06.07.20, 14:56:04

I am so sorry for not letting you guys know before hand, but I was a bit busy last week and truly exhausted at night. I will however continue writing again this week and finish the second saga (was 30 chapters, but now 25... Have to cut the chapters. I can not explain why yet, but you will understand once it gets to that point.) before friday, hopefully. The next chapter will not be for the Read more...
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