Gay to Guy?


Hey, guys!!! It's me Henil Jaju. My book was blocked because I broke the laws. Too sorry for breaking them. Just let me finish the story because my readers love it. Sorry once again, to the admins. ❤️ ------- Katherine Louis is an independent student, she has her own life and things to do. She ... more info

Story about: seduction, teenromance, love between two teenagers

Ongoing: 03 Dec 54 pages
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Rating: 30

#306 in Romance
#46 in Romantic suspense
#26 in New Adult & College

On Hold


Cold killer


Skylar Wilson, is a private investigator. Her life takes a huge turn when she becomes a witness of her husband's death. After a long time, she comes back to work to find who is responsible for her husband's death and ends up finding, a guy named Peter Roylas. Later she discovers, that he is ... more info

Story about: teenromance, vampire romance, seduction

On Hold: 27 Nov 8 pages
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Rating: 1

#59 in Fantasy
#39 in Romantic fantasy
#595 in Romance
#93 in Romantic suspense

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