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Hello my dear readers. I am back again Check out the new book The Desire. This book will be free till it completes.


ROYALS (3 stories)


The Replacement (#royals Book 1)

Shikha A

Strip.. I look at him not believing what he just said. I said strip.. He spoke with some different authority which I can't ignore. I stared discarding my clothes one by one shivering in fear. He looked at me from head to toe in disgust. You don't interest me anymore get out. This stor... more info

Story about: adult, family and relationships, love after marriage

Complete 275 pages
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Rating: 683

#196 in Romance
#8 in Young adult

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The Replacement 2 (#royals Book 2)

Shikha A

Someone hugged me from back like an koala bear... His lips touched my skin and I shudder of his touch.. I was drowning in deep brown eyes, looking directly into my soul, creating havoc in me. "Who are you?" I asked. Before he react I heard the voice... Hey babe...... more info

Story about: romance, young adult, love and revenge

Complete 224 pages
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Rating: 679

#248 in Romance
#11 in Young adult


The Desire

Shikha A

I looked into her eyes which had nothing but happiness. I smirk looking at her how she was enjoying her little victory oblivious to what is waiting for her. “This happiness won’t last long princess.” I mummer getting close to her. I can see from the corner of my eyes, how others we... more info

Story about: love trust overcoming every hurdle, broken past, craving for love

Ongoing: 18 Jun 36 pages
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Rating: 76

#201 in Romance
#9 in Young adult

Billionaire (2 stories)


Lonely Bride

Shikha A

This story is about the girl who is deprived of love. Her father arranged her marriage with Rich man due to his grandfather’s last wish in his will. As usual luck was never with her and after the marriage her husband has not given a single glance to her for almost year. Being ignored and... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, love and romance, biilionaires

Complete 179 pages
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Rating: 1401

#144 in Romance
#76 in Billionaires
#5 in Young adult


Lonely Bride Ii

Shikha A

“Don’t do something you regret later, baby doll.” His breath was fanning against my neck and as if some electricity has ran down to my spine I shuddered to his touch, which he did not touch at all. “I have regretted way too much of my stupidity. And now I want to think wisely.” Controll... more info

Story about: young adult romance, billionaire regret over obsession, arrangemarriage

Complete 268 pages
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Rating: 455

#250 in Romance
#12 in Young adult

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