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Stuti Malakar



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Mira Matic
02.12.2022, 14:17:32

Hi Stuti, I am new to Booknet, can you check my ongoing story Second chance I, it would mean a lot to me. All the best, Mira.

Godiva Gilbert
22.07.2022, 15:39:57

Hi, I'm an author on Booknet and I would really appreciate it if you can check out my latest book "Bound To Break You." The story is complete and free. I'd love it if you can drop a nice review and vote by liking the story. Thanks so much ❤

Palos Verdes
20.07.2022, 10:14:18

Hey dear, THANK YOU so much for your love and support. It really means aload to me. So grateful to have amazing readers like you ❤️

11.07.2022, 04:27:09

Hi, I just completed my book ALPHA MARKS and I'd love it if you could check it out and perhaps leave a comment.
Please if you enjoy the book follow my account so you can receive more updates on my other books
Thank you

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